Iran rises because America retreats / Jennifer Rubin
20-Dec-2010 (9 comments)

A leader of Iran's Revolutionary Guard has threatened to murder
American generals to retaliate for the apparent assassinations of two
Iranian nuclear scientists.

It may sound like an empty threat, or an unhinged response -- like sacrificing a rook to take a pawn in chess.

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Niloufar Parsi

so pathetic

by Niloufar Parsi on

someone tell this idiot that iran is rising because iran is rising, not because of anyone else! they just Have to interpret every event in the world as somehow related to or caused by themselves...


Who is Rubin?

by Mammad on

Before praising Rubin, check her background. In addition, she was brought to the WP to represent the right wing, even though the WP editorial page is full of neocons and right wingers. So, Rubin is to the right of these bunch.



well said Ms. Rubin

by mahmoudg on

FINALLY! you Americans are getting it.  THE ONLY WAY TO RID THE WORLD of the menace of the Islamic Rapist Cultists is to send it and its supporters to kingdom come.  PERIOD.  Surgical attacks are the only option left to us.  We eradicate the Basij, as we do the locusts on the corn fields, and we see how the population in the Middle East, in particular Persia, will once again be allowed to return to the foray of civilization.

Sargord Pirouz

What IRGC commander has

by Sargord Pirouz on

What IRGC commander has threatened to kill US military generals? Source please.

Rubin, now there's a thoroughly discredited mouthpiece if ever there was. 


Iranian Military forum

by Simorgh5555 on

Do you beleive that second rate crap from the Soviet Union which they flooged on the desperate mullahs at extortionate prices is any match for American or Israeli military power?

Do a Google search and type 'IRAN GATE'

There you will find evidence that you Mullahs will do anything to survive even if it means eating out of the Israelis (ZIONISTS) and Americans hands. Patheric.

It was Israel who gave you money to fight Saddam which stopped Iran being flattened by Saddam. 

Whose your,Daddy? Israel is! 


The readers

by on

comments are far more interesting that the article itself!

The US general public is becoming quite aware of their hidden but most dangerous enemy, the Zio_Fascists!




Comrade jaan.

by Bavafa on

Well, so far IRI has proven the Newton’s laws of motion to be true, “every action has a reaction”.  Chances are that they will retaliate some how when the other side is distracted or its guards down.  This is of course unless the killing was one of their own doing.

But lets hope this tit for tad does not continue as it only burns innocent Iranian and non-Iranian citizens.



Good article

by Simorgh5555 on

Smack the IR in its mouth - HARD!

in the meanwhile, if Israel can assist; please contunue with target assassinations. 


A reader's comment:

by comrade on



"[If you haven't noticed, America under Obama is not retreating on
Iran and it's nuclear program. Stuxnet, assassinations of key personnel -
these are retreat? Of course, the operatives may be Israeli rather than
US, but these weren't done without implicit consent.

Overtly Obama is tightening the sanctions regime. He also got Russia
to cooperate, including their holding back on delivery of a air defense

And how did Obama get Russia to cooperate? Stepping back from Bush's
Cold War-revisited confrontation - withdrawing the threat of new US
military installations on Russian frontiers WITHOUT giving up on missile
defense, and negotiating a new START treaty.

If you want to see Iran with nuclear weapons, follow the advice of
the war-mad right-wing who want to treat Russia as the enemy rather than
just the competition. If we make Russia the enemy, they're going to
look for any ally, any source of pain and distraction for the US, that
they can get, including the Islamicist mullahs of Tehran.

So instead of quoting junk analysis from the Post, how about speaking
out for the START treaty, if you are serious about confronting Iran?]"

Posted by: j3hess | December 20, 2010 3:27 PM

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