Israel's a victim of a transformed Turkey that flirts with radical forces / Michael Herzog
14-Dec-2010 (one comment)

Let's not fool ourselves. The Turkish firefighting planes did not douse the flames that continue to scorch Turkish-Israeli relations. Even if a formula is found that would satisfy Turkey's demand for both an apology from Israel and compensation for casualties of the Gaza flotilla incident, we will still be facing Turkish policy that is fundamentally problematic.

Turkey today is not the same Turkey we once knew. The country has experienced a major internal change, reflected in its foreign policy: From being a state loyal to NATO and a close friend of Israel's, Turkey has transformed into a country that follows an independent policy line - to the point of defying Western interests, flirting with radical forces and displaying hostility toward Israel.

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You miss the point of the article, comrade,

by Q on

Israel is the victim!

Turkey has never been more democratic in its entire history. Whatever it 'flirts with' are reflections of what its population feels. Israel simply cannot handle expression of national will anywhere in the middle east, and has to whine through it's media cronies about it.