Iran accused of meddling in Ottawa homicide
13-Dec-2010 (one comment)

Yazdan Ghiasi, 16, a student at Notre Dame High School in Ottawa, died Monday Dec. 5, from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Some members of Ottawa's Iranian community accuse the government of Iran of meddling in the investigation into the slaying of Yazdan Ghiasi, 16, a week ago.

The teen — who is of Iranian descent — was shot and killed and his body dumped in downtown Ottawa last Monday morning.

The government of Iran claims the homicide shows Canada is dangerous country.

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Pathetic attempt by IRI

by azadi5 on

It's funny that IRI makes a fuss about this Iranian teenager being killed in Ottawa, but they don't mention that he was involved with drug dealing and furthermore, his killers were muslims.I really like to know the nationality of those three kids involved in this murder. Their names sound arabic so they are definitely muslims, but they could afro muslim.