Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf
Live Science / Jeanna Bryner
11-Dec-2010 (6 comments)

Veiled beneath the Persian Gulf, a once-fertile landmass may have supported some of the earliest humans outside Africa some 75,000 to 100,000 years ago, a new review of research suggests.

At its peak, the floodplain now below the Gulf would have been about the size of Great Britain, and then shrank as water began to flood the area. Then, about 8,000 years ago, the land would have been swallowed up by the Indian Ocean, the review scientist said.

The study, which is detailed in the December issue of the journal Current Anthropology, has broad implications for aspects of human history. For instance, scientists have debated over when early modern humans exited Africa, with dates as early as 125,000 years ago and as recent as 60,000 years ago (the more recent date is the currently accepted paradigm), according to study researcher Jeffrey Rose, an archaeologist at the University of Birmingham in the U.K.

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More evidence of populations within Persian Gulf

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Aryans' Immigration

By:  Reza Moradi Ghiasabadi  


"Ancient hills located in the south or by the shores of the Persian Gulf are separated by hundred kilometers which indicates that during the ice ages, the water level of south seas must have been lower than today and with the increase of the water level, all human settlements were sunk. Meanwhile, in between the ice ages when the water level of south seas was higher and the surface of the earth was lower and sedimentations resulting from the three rivers, Tigris, Euphrates and Karoon were less, the Persian Gulf extended to Susa and Sumeria. Sumerian inscriptions deal with the penetration of water into Mesopotamia and refer to the city of Erido as a city located by seashores."



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If anyone could translate the comment by Hashang Targol into English, it would be most appreciated. Thank you.



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In past few days many articles have been published worldwide by archeologists, anthropologists and scientists. they are celebrating the new break through and discovery of signs from 75000 to 100000 years history of civilization and existence of Garden of Eden under the ancient Persian Gulf and perhaps in Persia/Iran land not dessert of Arabian peninsula, I don't know why Fox News or truly False News Network acting unprofessional,illegal and moronic regarding the recent break through by National Science Foundation. Fox News published a falsified and fabricated 18 century old map of ancient Persia along with the Persian Gulf. The map with forged and fabricated information and used an illegal term for the ancient Persian Gulf which P E R S I A N part was obviously erased or whiten out and left only the GULF there and underneath displayed illegal term of a.r.a.b.i.a.n culf. After some research, I found out that fabricated map was delivered from Wikimedia and Wikimedia blamed it on little sheikdom of Emirate “UAE” so called fake museum! What a joke? The fact is UAE created only 50 years ago by British colonialism after discovery of OIL in the Persian Gulf region like other Arabs in the Persian Gulf has no identity from its own. According to some statistics UAE population are over 50% Persians and the rest are from Asia and other ethnic backgrounds with only hand full of Arabs who were chosen by their master British Empire to run the sheikdom as family. This tiny sheikdom which is a puppet for west and live under any flags for protection to get protection and survive with no sign of democracy and human rights values and supporter of Al-Qaida, Taliban for 3decades and international terrorism. UAE like other Arab sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf claims and forges many of the Persian identities like the Persian Gulf, Tunbs and Bu Mosa as well as ancient Persian Philosophers & Scientists such as world famous Bu Ali Sina, Zachariah Razi, Bu Nasr Farabi and many more and considers them as Arabs. Some other Arab sheikdoms such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain leaders along with UAE have been following the same pattern in bribing the world news media, publishers, businesses, organizations and world leaders and officials from OIL revenue and ask them to falsify and forge the PERSIANS identities and LANDMARKS with thousands of years of history. Persia is by any mean the cradle of the world civilization. Those Arabs who follow panarabism mentality that was mainly encouraged by mad men such as deposed Iraqi Sadam during 8 years war with Iran and Osama’s terrorists organization and his Arabs supports and financers who have plan to destroy America and West and their goal is to establish Sunni Islamic sharia throughout the world.  Of course nobody can change the ancient world history and money can’t buy ancient identities to fit their need and desire of panarabism greedy appetite. Other than legal and historical name of the Persian Gulf any other names and falsifications or fabrication by any member nations, world leaders, officials or publications, newsmedia, businesses and organizations for the internationally recognized and registered by the United Nations which America is a significant member of that world body is illegal and liable to lawsuit for committing severe crime of history and  humanity and should be subject to investigation and prosecution by the United Nations justice system. Of course there are thousands of ancient maps of the Persian Gulf are available worldwide. The Persian Gulf has been Persian Gulf for thousands of years and will remain Persian Gulf for ever.

Ari Siletz

Very important discovery!

by Ari Siletz on

This is a deep discovery regarding the origins of human civilization.  If science is not your glass of chai, then consider the fact that the term "Persian Gulf"  now has found occasion to be emphasized  over and over again in scientific papers, at at time when in the political sphere  there is a drive to suppress the term.


Hoshang Targol

مهم : موميايي حسن آباد سنندج

Hoshang Targol

لطفا تا قبل از اينكه دير بشه اطلاع رساني

موميايي حسن آباد سنندج در حين عمليات
تعريض جاده مسير شهرک حسن آباد- سنندج، 5
قبر تاريخي کشف شدند. مسئولان سازمان
ميراث فرهنگي و گردشگري کردستان طبق
کارشناسي هاي اوليه، قدمت اين قبرها را 3
هزارسال تخمين زدند. در اين قبرستان كه
مردگان به صورت چمباتمه‌اي دفن شده اند،
اشيائي همچون نيزه هاي جنگي، دست بند
مفرغي و کاسه هاي سفالي نيز کشف شده است.
شاهدان عيني که در ساعات ابتدايي کشف اين
گورها قادر به ديدن آنها شدند، اظهار مي
دارند که يکي از اين قبرها مربوط به يک
پادشاه مي باشد (فيلم کوتاه مربوط به آن
پيوست است). اين جسد به صورت سالم در يک
تابوت قرار داده شده که لايه ي بيروني آن
را سرب و ساروج و لايه ي داخلي آن طلاکاري
شده است. طول اين تابوت دقيقاً به اندازه ي
طول جسد مي باشد. در کنار سر اين جسد يک(يا
دو) جعبه ي طلايي و با محتويات اشيايي
از جنس طلا، در کنار آن يک نيزه و در روي
سينه و ميانه ي بدن آن دو شي، يکي به
شکل ماهي و ديگري به شکل عقاب قرار دارند.
روي اين دو صفحه کلماتي به زبان ميخي حک
شده است. همچنين در پشت سر جسد و بر ديواره
ي تابوت، تصويري حک شده ديده مي شود. نکته
ي قابل توجه در اين جسد، سالم بودن جسم
است. اين جسد حتي به شيوه ي موميايي هاي
کشف شده در پارچه قرار داده
نشده و با اين وجود تمام نقاط آن
کاملاً سالم مانده اند. تصاوير مربوط به
چهار جسد ديگر در تلويزيون محلي کردستان
پخش شده، اما تصوير مربوط به اين پادشاه
تاکنون در تلويزيون جمهوري اسلامي و شبکه
ي محلي کردستان پخش نشده است. به گفته ي
مردم محلي، با توجه به اينکه سرقت آثار
تاريخي کردستان همواره از سوي بعضي
مسئولين صورت گرفته است، اين نگراني وجود
دارد که اين جسد نيز همچون موارد ديگر به
سرقت برود. قبرستان کشف شده در فاصله 500
متري تپه باستاني زاگرس سنندج قرار
دارد که در فهرست آثار ملي ثبت شده
است.. تصاويري از موميايي بي نظير پيدا
شده در
منطقه حسن اباد سنندج-اين موميايي پيدا
شده که حين خاکبرداري در جاده سنندج حسن
اباد پيدا شده احتمال مي رود اين موميايي
متعلق به دياکو پادشاه ماد مي باشد
متاسفانه تا کنون هيچ گونه اطلاعي از
سرنوشت اين موميايي در دست نيست. بنا به
اظهار نظر شاهدان موميايي توسط يک
هليکوپتر ناشناس به محل نامعلومي انتقال
داده شده است..سازمان ميراث فرهنگي در
موزه فقط چند تکه استخوان را نشان عموم
مردم داده اند و فقط به اين اکتفا کرده
اند ولي تصاوير گرفته شده خلاف آن را نشان
مي دهند. تابوت پيدا شده تمام از طلا
پوشيده شده بوده است









These Scientists know nothing!

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The Lost non-civilization is stranded on a raft.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.