Ahmadinejad aide provokes clergy with fresh set of provocative remarks
Los Angeles Times
10-Dec-2010 (2 comments)

Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, the president's chief of staff, is stirring up trouble by challenging the clergy's attitudes toward art and music in unusually harsh and abrasive terms.

“Some do not feel and understand music, so they declare it haram," or sinful under Islam, the Persian-language Atynews reported him as saying this week.

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No Fear

We are the real deal.

by No Fear on

We have relentlessly pushed back and taken positions from those who are not qualified to hold government posts.

We have discredited some of the founding members of IR and effectively ended their political life.

We have allowed unprecedented freedom of expression and press.

We have made the voices of political prisoners heard.

We have made the hard decisions to fix the economy and we are sticking to it.

We are not backing down from our nuclear right.

We have made live TV debates a reality in Iran.

We are the real deal.

Iran for all Iranians.


How about Ferdowsi and Molana

by mahmoudg on

instead of Saadi or Hafez. The first two have done more to preserve the Persian art and prove that religion is just an accessory and not much needed.  hence proiving that people like you and the regime you support, are not needed.