Explosives at a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony
Associated Press
27-Nov-2010 (one comment)

Federal agents in a
sting operation arrested a Somali-born teenager just as he tried blowing
up a van he believed was loaded with explosives at a crowded Christmas
tree lighting ceremony in Portland, authorities said.

The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said.

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Another Stateless Muslim Terrorist

by IranFirst on

Thanks for the news.

Just like IRI thugs and its supporters, true Muslims (like this idiot)
have NO loyalty to "their" country of birth (Iran, USA, UK,..) or
adopted country. Their only loyalty is to barbaric Islam and spreading
the cult.
Just like IRI thugs who kill Iranians to preserve the cult , just like
"Dr." Nidal Hasan (US born) who killed 13 US soldiers for the Cult of
Islam, this brainwashed Muslim was going to kill women and children during Christmas to
make the blood thirsty Arab god happy. Many more brain washed Muslims
are waiting their turn to kill for the "religion of peace" and shout "alaho akbar"