With settlement deal, U.S. will be rewarding Israel's bad behavior
Washington Post / Daniel Kurtzer
21-Nov-2010 (one comment)

It was only a little over a year and a half ago that the Obama administration demanded a freeze on Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, including even the "natural growth" of existing settlements. At the time, the administration called settlement activity "illegitimate" and appeared ready to go to the mat with Israel to show just how strongly the United States believed that settlements impede peace.

But now, the administration says it is prepared to pay off Israel to freeze only some of its settlement activity, and only temporarily. For the first time in memory, the United States is poised to reward Israel for its bad behavior.

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Well, we know now

by Bavafa on

who lost the battle of "illegitimate" settelment activity.  This battle began at the early months of Obama persidency which set the stage for a confrontation between Obama administration and AIPAC/Israel lobby group.

the winner, obviously, not the American people as they are paying a $3B payment in the worse economical period of our country for a mere 90 day freeze with additional guarantees that will surely put US against many nations in the security counsel. This amounts to more than $33 million a day.