MESS Report / Obama has made an offer Netanyahu cannot refuse
14-Nov-2010 (one comment)

The list of defense-related and other gifts the U.S. administration is willing to offer to Israel in exchange for three months of construction freeze in the settlements raises suspicions that someone has gone mad. An additional extension of the freeze, which he has previously rejected out of hand, may spell a political and ideological headache for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - but the offer by U.S. President Barack Obama is very enticing. The addition of 20 F-35s to the package discussed two months ago tips the balance very clearly. From Israel's point of view, it is an offer that cannot be refused.

Since Obama entered the White House two years ago, he has not given the impression - at least in terms of foreign relations - of being a particularly tough negotiator. Nonetheless, this time the administration appears to have gone overboard, even though in Washington they know full well that the freeze is a highly symbolic gesture, which the settlers have already managed to avoid in the past.


Ransom??? well, read for your self

by Bavafa on

This maybe a good read for those Republican and their supporters who think it is high treason spending $$$ on education, unemployment or healthcare for the poor and needy American Citizens. Or why should we spend our money to build roads and infrastructure.

No… we [Americans] are not deserving, but lets us pay our hard earned $$$$ to the Israelis. The deserve it more then our homeless folks.