for Iranian hajj pilgrims
Tehran Times

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and Information has established Radio of Hajj Awareness broadcasting in nine languages including Persian on Saturday.

The radio station starts broadcasting programs for one month to inform pilgrims from different countries about the pilgrimage programs. The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information for Radio Affairs, Ibrahim Al-Saqaob, has pointed out that the languages of the radio broadcasts include Arabic, English, French, Indonesian, Urdu, Turkish, Persian and Swahili, in addition to 96 other programs.

The Assistant Minister of Information Prince Turki Bin Sultan said that Saudi Radio also has prepared programs on the Hajj.

The programs are broadcasted via different radio services including the Holy Quran service, Nida-ul-Islam (the Call of Islam) and Program-2. Hajj Awareness service has been recently added to the services.


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