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A rare Persian Leopard, which is currently on the endangered species list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, was born in Amersfoort Zoo in the Netherlands.

Local media reports that: "The leopard cub, which weighs 700g, is growing fast and is almost ready to run." The Amersfoort Zoo staff has named the cub "Cyrus", after Persian Empire's founder, Cyrus the Great.
Geldermalsen Newsletter reports that in May 2006, two Persian leopard twins were also born in Amersfoort Zoo, so with the recent birth, they will receive financial assistance from the Protection of Species project in Europe.

Currently 114 Persian leopards live in 54 zoos around Europe. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUNC) , the largest population of these leopards lives in the mountainous regions Alborz and Zagros in Persia (Iran) and is in the range of 550 to 850 heads.

Two weeks ago, ILNA reported the killing of one these leopards in Iran. The culprits are currently released on bail. From 200 to 300 of these leopards also live in Afghanistan but there is very little information regarding their situation. Smaller populations are also reported in Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Turkey. The situation of Persian leopards in Caucasus is highly critical and Russia has called for Persia's assistance for their protection.

In 1998, Persian Leopard Conservation Society, a non-gove... >>>

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