David Broder Calls for War With Iran to Boost the Economy
Huffington Post / Dean Baker
31-Oct-2010 (3 comments)

David Broder, the longtime columnist and reporter at a formerly respectable newspaper, quite explicitly suggested that fighting a war with Iran could be an effective way to boost the economy. Ignoring the idea that anyone should undertake war as an economic policy, Broder's economics is also a visit to loon tune land.


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Dirty Angel

Uhh I sometimes so hate you Bonnie&Clyde style

by Dirty Angel on

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Butter or cannon

by comrade on

The notion of achieving full employment by means of war is nothing new. President George H. W. Bush's administration went on a national campaign with a promise of "jobs" shortly before the "Gulf war". And it somehow worked.    

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Niloufar Parsi

David Broder,

by Niloufar Parsi on

is a top notch american idiot!