When the Truth is Inconvenient:
Wide Sleep in America / Nima Shirazi
28-Oct-2010 (one comment)

 A new documentary, directed by Lucy Walker and produced by Lawrence Bender, entitled Countdown To Zero, is set for wide release on July 23, 2010. The film has been heavily publicized and promoted for many months now and is surely already a heavily-favored Oscar contender.

Though the stated goals of the film, exposing the horrifying danger of nuclear weapons and reducing the planet's nuclear stockpile to zero, are noble and necessary indeed, some ideas promoted within the film - which can be gleaned solely from the film's trailer and recent interviews with film contributor Valerie Plame and producer Lawrence Bender - appear to ominously echo the same sensational claims made about Iraq's non-existent WMD, this time about the United States' favorite scapegoat, Iran.


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Nuclear Hypocricy

by ayatoilet1 on

Remember, the US sold Iran a Nuclear Reactor during the Shah's regime with bomb grade fuel. But hypocrisy concerning nuclear issues and foreign policy goes beyond the fact that the United States sold a nuclear reactor to Iran, one which could operate on bomb-grade uranium and plutonium, and now wonders why Iran has bomb making technology.

Remember, Iran is a 10% shareholder (a partner) in the European Fuel Enrichment Company Eurodif. It isn't that nuclear plants and enrichment technology was sold to Iran and that Iran was invited to become a major shareholder and business partner for Eurodif, yet somehow is not allowed to conduct nuclear enrichment.Remember, America regularly supplied nuclear fueld to Israel, and has its nuclear weapons flown by non-Nuclear country pilots member states in Nato. So the Hypocricy surely can not be that Iran is being accused of not abiding by the NPT while America actively proliferates.Remember, the Soviet Union was torn apart, and all these former Soviet States are now both nuclear and hotbeds for oil and gas exploration by western oil companies - all dictator states. So this hypocricy surely isn't even the fact that the Soviet Union was dismantled so Western companies could gain access to Central Asian oil, which ultimately allowed rogue nuclear warheads into the hands of extremist authorities, like the mullahs of Iran. The fundamental greed in the quest for oil has violated global security.

Despite all of these instances of wrongdoing, the single most hypocritical act perpetrated by Western politicians is that they secretly supported the rise of these Islamic thugs and continued to appease them (they have regular secret meetings with them... and are working secretly with them) while entrusting them with sophisticated nuclear technology.

This whole nuclear argument in the US is completely filled with bullshit. And no one seems to have called these morons out on it.