Abuse Of Temporary Marriages Flourishes In Iraq
NPR / Kelly McEvers
24-Oct-2010 (3 comments)

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The practice of temporary marriage has long been common in Shiite Muslim communities, especially in Iran. The idea is that rather than having an affair, a man who wants to be sexually involved with a woman should marry her — for a few months, or even, hours — so the relationship will be legitimate.

In Iraq, the practice was banned under Saddam Hussein but then flourished after the American invasion. Now, though, some men are using the system to take advantage of poor women, and many of Iraq's Shiites say the very religious institutions that sanction such marriages are to blame.

One mother of three, who is so ashamed about what happened to her she doesn't want to give her name, says her husband abandoned her when she found out he preferred men. She had no way to support the family.

A religious figure in her neighborhood promised to help. He brought her to his home, locked the door and had sex with her. He offered her $15.

For the man at least, it was a brief moment of muta'a, the Arabic word for pleasure — and the Arabic word for temporary marriage.

The woman says the man who had sex with her worked with leading Shiite religious clerics in the Iraqi city of Najaf. It's one of the most revered places in Shiite Islam.

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صیغه ام می شی؟


Interesting notes:

The clergy in Iraq can be as corrupt as the ones seen in Iran.

Sigheh/muta'a is a way for a man to have his cake and eat it too.  That is, for a married man to have extra-marital affairs and have it blessed by the religion.



thanks Yolanda

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The more we expose these abuses/shortcomings, the religion will either adjusts itself to the 21 century or will eat the dust of time.



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This part really shocks me:

muta'a marriage goes all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad, who once told his traveling companions they could purchase a wife with a handful of dates if they were away from their regular wives.


It is sad! They really should practice self-control & wait for the regular wives! It also indicates that wives are just properties that they could purchase for!

Thank you for posting!