What If Chile's Mining Accident Had Happened In Iran?
14-Oct-2010 (one comment)

Iranian blogger Arman has some theories about what it would look like if miners had been trapped underground in the Islamic republic:

In Iran, the area would have quickly turned into a security zone, police forces would surround the area, and the news [that miners have been trapped] would have been denied.

While Iranian authorities are busy fighting against bad veiling and cultural invasion, it would have taken them several weeks to decide how to announce the news to the Iranian people so that citizens would not think that such incident are possible in the country of the Hidden Imam and the authorities would do all they could to blame the miners for the incident.

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so true

by Fesenjoon on

Our own government instead of saving them would broadcast namaz jama'at sermons for them, and would eventually let the miners die due to incompetence, calling them shahid, and blaming their failed rescue efforts on zionists and avamel-e fetneh. And to cover up the fiasco, they would then call a tazaahoraat for supporting felesteen, and call for the destruction of Israel. 

Religion is opium of the masses.

Until this disease called islam is not removed from politics and government, Iran will never be saved. Mark my words.