Blast hits Iranian military base
Press TV
12-Oct-2010 (3 comments)

Several Iranian soldiers have been killed and wounded in an accidental explosion which hit a military training base in the western province of Luristan.

The blast took place in the Imam Ali military base outside the provincial capital city of Khorramabad, according to al-Alam television channel.

Firefighters and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene and the injured were rushed to hospital.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the blast, which authorities say has taken place 'by accident.'

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No need for US to attack Iran.

by پیام on

i.r. is doing a good job without them.


Imam Ali base!!!!

by mahmoudg on

What!! are we in a drought of names, what the heck are worthless names of Imam Ali base, seyed shohada and zolghadr, Karbla batallions, etc. etc. All those beautiful names and we have to resort to these ugly Arab names. 


When you mess with killers like Mousavi

by IRI on

Mousavi (the akhond, not the recent candidate) is a terrorist who has complied a lot of wealth. He used to assassinate those who he saw threat. Now that the system is divided and war of wealth of nation has taken form, be ready for a lot of gun and explosion activities.

Let's all pray that Khamenei blood-sucker system collapses without bloodshed...It's going to get very ugly.