Is it so offensive to note the effectiveness of the Jewish lobby? / Christopher Hitchens
05-Oct-2010 (2 comments)

I wasted a little time before writing this article, to see if I could produce a satire or a parody. This would have consisted of a fundraising letter from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to a potential donor. "Dear Leo," it might begin. "We are asking you, even in these straitened times, to make the largest contribution you can afford. The security of the state of Israel is threatened as never before, and your help is urgently required. Alas, we can offer you nothing in return for your donation. Our representatives are still treated with scorn and contempt in the halls of Congress and by the White House. The news media remain deaf to our entreaties. If you choose to attend our annual conference, we can offer you nothing by way of 'access.' As usual, the secretaries of state and defense and the leadership of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will find plausible reasons to be absent. So will the speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader. Try to think of your contribution as a mitzvah: a private good deed that may not even go unpunished."

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Wow, coming from Christopher Hitchens

by Onlyiran on

it just goes to show how obnoxious and shameless AIPAC has become.  It's influence over the American political system is just appalling.  


It would be interesting ...

by reader1 on

... to see how the AIPAC PR machinery would deal with Christopher Hitchens who has dared to speak out the truth.