German firm employee may have created Stuxnet, Israel blamed
Examiner / Elizabeth Delaney

Well, it was only a matter of time before somebody found an “official” way to blame Israel for the Stuxnet worm. Mainly because of the fact that it has been reported as damaging quite a few computer systems in Iran. More specifically, “60,000 computers in Iran, including those at the Bushehr nuclear plant” were affected, according to a report on Friday posted at In addition, “Kevin Hogan, senior director at computer security giant Symantec, said 60 percent of computers worldwide infected by the Stuxnet worm were in Iran, suggesting its industry was the target.”

Iran, however, has been using their state run media in an attempt to convince the world that no significant damage was done by the worm. In fact, a claimed on Friday that India and Indonesia have been hit worse than Iran. Iran’s Chinese ally allowed their state run media to report that “almost 1,000 corporate computers in China” were affected, according to an // article on Friday.

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