Briton 'among thousands held without trial in Iraq'
BBC news
13-Sep-2010 (2 comments)

The human rights group said 30,000 detainees were being held without trial in Iraq, and criticised the Iraqis and the US for violating prisoners' rights.

Ramze Shihab Ahmed, 68, a dual UK-Iraqi national, has been detained in Iraq since December 2009.

His wife claims he has been tortured in prisons in Baghdad.

Rabiha al-Qassab said her husband had suffered electric shocks to his genitals and suffocation by plastic bag, and called on the government to increase its efforts to secure his release or push for a fair trial.

'Torture confessions'

"What my husband has suffered at the hands of his interrogators is inhumane and sickening.

"I'm desperately worried about him. He already had health problems before all this," she said.

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The Iraqi authorities have signally failed to take effective action to stop torture and punish the perpetrators, despite overwhelming evidence to its use”

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"I'd like to see the UK government stepping up efforts to get Ramzi released or at least given a fair trial if there'... >>>


How America turned Iraq to a paradise

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IRI is not holding enough people in prison without any charges, we need the help of America just as they help Iraq to build up our prisons and number of those held without any charges.




Well said!!!!!

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Well said Mehrdad!!!!