Sasanian city of Rustam-Kavadh, newest victim of development projects in Kuzestan Province
The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (CAIS) / staff
07-Sep-2010 (3 comments)

LONDON, (CAIS) -- Another pre-Islamic Iranian heritage site is under threat of total obliteration as the result of looting and the authorities’ negligence. This latest victim is the ruins of the Sasanian city of Rustam-Kavadh located near the village of Band-Qir in Khuzestan Province. 

The ancient city of Rustam-Kavadh is one of the most important archaeological sites in Iran that has remained unknown, since no study has ever carried out on the site. 

The damages to the city is being caused as the result of the authorities development projects, lack of protection from the flooding of the Gargar River, and turning a blind eye to ongoing Illegal excavations by smugglers and agricultural activities by the locals. 

The site was registered on the National Heritage List along with another six ancient sites in 1931. Although the ancient site has not been demarcated yet, it is registered on the national Heritage List and any construction in and around the historical site should is prohibited. 

Some sections of the ruined city have already been totally destroyed in the past ten years, as the result of the construction of a town of Rāmin, newly constructed to meet the housing shortage of the city of Ahvaz. 

In addition, some other sections of the sites been damaged as the result of... >>>


Ancient Iranian Heritage in Peril

by MM on

Ancient Iranian Heritage, whether it is Anahita's temple or unexplored cities, are in danger because of IRI's piss-poor policies towards ancient Iran.  IRI seems not to care about anything purely Iranian, and not related to Islam.

The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (CAIS) is managed by scolars at the University of London and they seem to have close relationship with Encyclopedia Iranica (//  Please become a fan/member in Facebook (//!/group.php?gid=133994560801&ref=ts) to get the news on these atrocities and spread the news.

The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (CAIS) also has a main website (// with great articles and historical accounts on ancient Iran / Persia.



And when our turn comes

by hazratee on

We know exactly what to do. Just wait and you will see.


members of CAIS get news of destruction of ancient Persia

by MM on

,and please spread the news.

Just like the forgotten prisoners, the sites that do not get publicity get the worst treatment from IRI.