Dick Cheney wanted to remake Middle East after 9/11, invade Iraq: Tony Blair
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06-Sep-2010 (2 comments)

London, Sept 6 (ANI): Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that former Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to remake the Middle East after 9/11, and invade not only Iraq, but Iran and Syria as well.

Blair mentions in his memoir 'A Journey' that Vice President Cheney had an ambition to reconstruct the power structure of several countries in that part of the world.

Cheney would have worked through the whole lot, Iraq, Syria, Iran, dealing with all their surrogates in the course of it -- ezbollah, Hamas, etc., Blair wrote in his memoir, 'A Journey', the Daily News reports.

Tony Blair told Christiane Amanpour on ABC's 'This Week' that 69-year-old Cheney believed 'the world had to be remade after September the 11th'.

Blair writes in his book that Cheney wanted to deliver a message to nations he felt were supporting terrorists and terror organizations.

"He was for hard, hard power. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. We're coming after you so change or be changed. You can't dismiss that Cheney view and say, well, that's just stupid," the paper quoted, Tony Blair's writing in the book.

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Not just Cheney


General Wesley Clark, who commanded the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization bombing campaign in the Kosovo war, recalls in his
2003 book Winning Modern Wars being told by a friend in the
Pentagon in November 2001 that the list of states that Rumsfeld and
deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz wanted to take down
included Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia [and Lebanon].


this writer asked Feith . . . which of the six regimes on the Clark
list were included in the Rumsfeld paper, he replied, "All of them."


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by Bavafa on

I yearn for the day Cheney is brought to justice and serves behind bars. I will not oppose any of his personally approved and pushed interrogation tactics (i.e water boarding) used on him either.

As the puddle himself goes, he joined the grand criminal of the century GWB and he deserves the same disrespect as his former master, GWB.