Palestinian leader blasts Ahmadinejad over Mideast peace comments
04-Sep-2010 (78 comments)

The administration of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas lashed out at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday, a day after Ahmadinejad criticized Abbas for renewing direct peace talks with Israel.

"He who does not represent the Iranian people, who forged elections and who suppresses the Iranian people and stole the authority, is not entitled to talk about Palestine, or the President of Palestine," said Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority, according to Wafa, the Palestinian Authority's news agency.

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Khers: harf-e hesabi zadi

by AMIR1973 on


Een tarafdarha-yeh hokumat-e nang-e ashghal dar Iran daem beh koon-e Felestin va Esrail jasbidan. Agar en ghadr Felestin barashoon arzesh dareh, ey kash beh khodeshoon bomb mibastan va too yeh autobus dar Tel Aviv khodeshoon ra monfejar mikardand....Mokhlesetam. 


Dear vildemose,

by Bavafa on

I am truly sorry for you and your family loss. I am not religious to say god bless his soul but I can say Rohe baradarton shad bashe.

Defending one's home land is the most honorable thing to do and I personally kiss the earth they walk on for the sacrifices they have made.

I wish we had the power to put these moronic leaders (all of them) in one room and let them do the fighting and go at it for a change and let people live their lives.

Doorood bar tamame Irani-ha who either fought in the battle field of Khozestan va kordestan against Saddam's army and those who are fighting in the battle field of Tehran and other cities to free Iran from IRI.



بابا ولمون کنید با این فلسطین و اسرائیل


میخواستم سر به تن نمیدونم عباس و نتانیاهو و هر چه اسرائیلی و فلسطینی آدمکش هست نباشه.  یک مشت عرب و یهودی که هماشون از یک قماش هستند افتادن به جون همدیگه و ما باید غصه شون رو بخوریم.  به ما چه؟  هر روز یک بلاگ درباریه فلسطین و اسرائیل مینویسند اینجا و صد تا کامنت هم میذارند و فلان جای خودشون رو پاره میکنند که کدومشون بهتره و کدوم عرب و کدوم یهودی چی‌ گفته.  هر دوشون گ**ه خوردند.  به جای اینکه انقدر شور اینها رو بزنید برید درباریه ایران و مردم خودتون یک فکری بکنید.  کمک کنید که از این منجلاب جمهوری اسلامی در بیایند. عوض کردن صحبت و حرف بیجا و طول و دراز درباریه فلسطین و اسرائیل حربه جمهوری اسلامی و اراذل و اوباشش اینترنتی آن است که توجه را از رو خودش برداره.  گولشون رو نخورید. 


My dearest Fair: You are

by vildemose on

My dearest Fair: You are too kind.  My heart aches for those who've been abandoned by this criminal regime after giving their best to protect the motherland. I'm in tears.

 May the voices of the fallen be heard through patriots such as yourself for the rest of our days.



Fair-e aziz

by AMIR1973 on

Thank you very much for your kind words. Kheyli mamnoon. Ghorban-e shoma va dorood bar shoma.


Dear Vildemose, Amir,

by Fair on

Vildemose, I am so sorry for the falling of your brother.  Dorood bar shoma va be ravane pak-e- eeshan.  My fellow veteran friends and I have a saying that goes "God took the best ones from us".  Too many fine young people like your brother fell in the line of duty for our motherland, and it was mostly because of mullahs being in charge, and not caring for them.  There are so many disabled veterans today in Iran who are abandoned by this anti Iran government, and they have a sad state.  We fellow veterans and the Iranian people do what we can to help and have the most respect for them, and they appreciate it, but it is not enough.  Iran will never forget these true modern day heroes that leave no more need for Shahnameh stories. I salute your brother with all my heart, and pray for him and hold a minute of silence for him while standing khabar dar. 

Amir, you are very kind, and thank you for your support, and sorry you have to listen to shameless attacks on your patriotism by empty terrorists on this website.   Dorood bar shoma va hamvatanane aziz va Irandoostee mesle shoma.  I don't deserve your thanks, and humbly pass it on to the true heroes like Vildemose's brother and too many of my friends who did not make it home, and to their families who live with the pain of their loss for the rest of their days. And to those who even today after all this futile attempt to brainwash Iranians, continue to fight for Iran- on the streets of Iran- for our freedom.  They also face an anti Iran enemy like we did, they also face these shameless terrorists outgunned like we did.  And like we did, they will prevail.  But unfortunately, just like us, they will pay a heavy price.  With the falling of each one of them (back then as well as now), a piece of Iran and of us goes as well.

Iran is bigger than its enemies like the characters in charge today.  History has shown that the weeds come and go, but the strong roots of the ancient Iranian tree keep that tree alive through the worst calamities and parasites, and we outlast our enemies without fail and exception.  We have shown and will continue to show with our actions:



Doroud bar shoma va bar hameye ghahremanane Iran Zamin.  I am proud to have compatriots like you.



Dear Fair,

by AMIR1973 on

Thank you for your personal sacrifices on behalf of Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. That was a great description of your experiences during the war that you wrote about in your post. And for what it's worth, you consistently answer the two lowly West-residing IRI Groupies, i.e. the Phony Sargord and "No Fear", quite well. Metaphorically speaking, your responses leave only a very greasy crater where the two of them used to be standing. Regards.


Fair and Bavafa, thank you

by vildemose on

Fair and Bavafa, thank you both for your service. My brother never made it out of that needless war. I sometimes think he is better off because  he doesn't have to see what has become of the country he gave his life for. 

People like Major Haji Firooz and "NO FEAR" with bloodlust for more wars for Iran have no clue when they spew their hate-filled rhetoric and photoshopped- bravado with their "asymmetric war policy".

May God save Iran from these fools.


Dorood Bar Shoma

by Fair on

Bavafa Jan.  Thank you also for your service to our country, I will also never forget that night.  I salute you and all our brothers, especially those who never came home, or came home severely damaged.

And thank you IVML, I also wish a peaceful solution to Palestinians and Israelis, and for all our sake, the complete exclusion of the Islamic rapist regime and its cronies from this process.

I wish peace upon everybody, and I do not want ever ever again for our country to experience war.  I never want to hear the cry of a little girl during the shelling or bombing of our cities and villages, or the pain of a little boy or girl who lost their father when Imam Zaman was supposed to save them.  Those a**holes who made such promises lived a long life and died at a ripe old age, long after those young promising youth of our country were wasted for their stupidity.

God bless every Iranian who never came home, and God help every Iranian innocent child who lost their childhood and loved ones in this madness.


Fair, my hats off to you

by Bavafa on

For your services, devotion and scarifies to free Iran from foreign occupation and fairness in your judgment/discussion.

Chances are we served during the same time and close enough location (I was stationed at poole Karkheh in 1980 first) and then moved to Abbadan and witnessed Khoramshar liberation. I will never forget that night.



Fair, You obviously touched a raw nerve here...

by I_Voted_Missinglink on

For the Islamist attack dogs barking at you as if they got rabies! I think their Koon must be on fire!

BTW, Thank you for great blog. I wish Palistinian and Jews peace and coexistance.


Terrorist Stateless Major

by Fair on

Ah, I see.  You are so arrogant, not only you will not apologize to Iranians on this site that you ridicule when you yourself have turned your back on Iran, you also demand to know the details of my service to my country.

I was in the Iranian Army (called the IRIA by the occupying government of Iran).  When the time for my military service came, Iraq was occupying large parts of our country, and I reported for duty.  I will not tell you my age and education level for OPSEC, and because you are part of a murderous regime which will have too easy a time to identify me if I do. After completing my training, I volunteered for the front, and served in an armored division, participating in anti armor and armored operations.  Again, I will not tell you my exact unit or commander's name for OPSEC.  But I will reveal that my theater was the southern Khuzestan area- Khorramshahr/Ahvaz axis.  I participated in several major operations including the liberation of Khorramshahr, and that my unit and our brother units in our division was responsible for many destroyed Iraqi tanks, armored and other vehicles who were supporting the occupation of Khorramshahr and other parts of Khuzestan.  On several occasions we coordinated with Havanirooz AH-1J's in joint anti armor operations and gave the Iraqis a serious beating (I witnessed the loss of one cobra unfortunately, he skillfully crashed the aircraft away from the rest of us to save us while killiing himself) We hit their supply lines which were crucial to the sustaining of their failed occupation, and were a part of a very united effort to destroy the invaders, and we succeeded.

I saw many stupid things in this war, brought to us by your rapist mullahs.  Many young, poorly trained and equipped kids would die needlessly in the Basij on the orders of mullahs who told them Allah and Imam Zaman would protect them.  Many highly trained and qualified officers in our Army were purged by your mullahs for simply not passing a religious ideology test, and there was terrible planning and logisitics as a result.  Often, some mullah or IRGC kid with no qualifications would try to order us to go somewhere or hit something without thinking, and had we acted on them we would have been sitting ducks and would tell them that.  But they would insist that God and Imam Zaman would protect us and we should go anyway.  Several of our unit's people and equipment were lost because of this stupidity.  Other times we would attack and take ground, and not be resupplied (despite there being plenty of supplies but lack of coordination) making us sitting ducks, and forcing us to retreat.   And the IRGC would always get better pay, food, and attention when we were getting old canned rations, a fraction of the pay, and when we said why aren't we being resupplied they would tell us to fast.  Sometimes the truck drivers who would take the Basij and IRGC food would feel sorry for us and bring us some leftovers.

If your goddamn mullahs were not in power, there was no way the incompetent Saddam Hussein could have invaded our country.  We had so much superior equipment and trained personnel to stop this invasion. Much of this capability was  neutralized by Khomeini and his idiots for ideological stupid reasons well before September 22, 1980, leaving us defenseless in one of the most wreckless most stupid acts in our history.  Khomeini paved the way for Saddam Hussein, one of the most incompetent miltary men in the history of the middle east, to invade and take large amounts of Iranian territory for 2 years.  

And you, where were you during this crucial time of need for Iran?  Playing with your motorcycles in the comfort of the USA? So terrorist major, you can save your crap about meehan for me and other Iranians here that are against this traitor anti Iran government.  Iran is not your homeland, America is.  You are not even an exile, you just  turned your back on Iran and never served Iran. Yet you have the gall to take patriotic Iranians that post on this website and tell them they don't belong or matter to Iran anymore.

You are truly a nobody.


No Fear

by Fair on

No, YOU piss off.

I say two basic facts, and you brush them away.  I point out your misrepresentation of Mahmoud Abbas, and you say "where"?  I point out the imprisonment, rape, torture, murder of thousands of Iranians and you laugh.

This whole thread you are trying to say Mahmoud Abbas does not represent the Palestinian people, and that he was appointed most of his life.  Do you deny that he was elected as the Palestinian president in 2005 with 62% of the vote?  Who has challenged that result, and if someone challenged that, did they get imprisoned without trial and tortured and murdered?  Compare that to AN.  MILLIONS of Iranians have questioned his election result, in an election that was already much more undemocratic than that in Palestine, and look what happened to them.

Do you deny that thousands of Iranians were imprisoned without trial?  Do you deny that a large number of Iranians protesting the rigged election result were tortured, raped, or executed?

Stop wasting my time, and YOU piss off. You cannot force your way into rewriting history.  This is 2010, and you and other fascist supporters don't control information.


No fear

by thexmaster on

"How is it possible that Mahmoud Abbas popularity still rises through opinion polls while his political life goes down the drain?"


Probably because Palestinians still trust him and Fateh, even with the limited solutions they've had to work with.  He didn't accomplish much thats true, but he still speaks for the Palestinians regardless of what your monkey leader thinks.  

Look No Fear.  It's pretty obvious you don't give a damn about what happens to Palestinians.  You already admitted they're nothing more than strategic pawns of the IRI in a possible war with Israel.  Hamas has brought nothing but death and misery to Gaza, with multiple polls showing the massive decline in the support for them.  The polls of shown most Palestinians support talks and don't support fighting.    

What is your solution to this problem other than hating on Abbas?



Where is this poll, professor?

by thexmaster on

Already gave you a few examples of your lies.  Your  silly comparisons between the US during 60s and the IRI is pretty much the cream of your distortions to justify IRI actions.  Also, its amusing when alot of your comments have almost very little to do with the topics and are just simply reactionary.   All one needs to do is go to the Muhammad Sahimi articles to witness this regressive behavior.


Here's the latest from Tehran Burea:

So now we're resorting to 24 year old reposts for news?

Will the diaspora ever stop backtracking, and realistically orient
itself into a forward-looking perspective? (The key word being


That's all you wrote.  Pretty lame.  You claim you're an active historian, yet your reactionary comment shows that you were deeply offended by a 24 year old article. Why is that?  Shouldnt an objective historian take information from all sides to come to a better understanding of history?  Well, in your case since you have an obvious agenda of course not.  It's better to distort history, and to make false comparisons and analogies to better fit your already weakened agenda.

So professor, what peer-review papers have you published?  What books have you written?  With such a distinguished family history, being half-iranian/half-something and traveling around the world you must have had experiences to share with the world.   How about telling us how you were able to function at a high school level in Iran, but now you could barely understand farsi. Shows how determined you were to maintain your iranian identity.


Comeon Pirouz.  Who do you think you're fooling?  You're not even in the same league as real academics such Dr. Sahimi or Dr. Kazemzadeh let alone the average poster.


We're through with you.


Lol.  Who are the others that are through with me?  Is it the demons or your other personalities?

Im not through with you professor. 

No Fear

thexmaster, here is a question for you.

by No Fear on

How is it possible that Mahmoud Abbas popularity still rises through opinion polls while his political life goes down the drain?

(This guy has failed on every single promise he has made and the Hardline  israeli government has made an ass out of him by pushing forward with their settlement plans. Ofcourse, they need him to represent the palestinians in a " peace " process. Who else can be as incompetent as him? someone has to pose for the camera while shaking hands with Israel prime minister. )

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on


Well, of course not. All you're doing is complaining and disagreeing. You're obviously incapable of a competent argument or even a discussion, for that matter. All you're capable of is making claims you can't back up and trying to shout down those you disagree with.

Obviously you never made it to a university. Do you possess any technical training? I hope so for your sake, because you're certainly not intellectually inclined. 

We're through with you.

Next, we look forward to Fair's answers to the list of questions I've directed his way on this thread. 


Distract, Deceive, Distort and Lie. This is all you do here

by thexmaster on

Your most recent lie is your claim of the existance of recent polls which contradict the polls I presented.  I even show you a study by the WPO which uses those same polls here leading to the same conclusions.  Instead of admitting you're wrong and you lied, you continue to decieve, distort and deny.   This is pretty much your existance here.  It's pretty pathetic don't you think?  Defending a government that beats, tortures, kills, and opresses it's own people, while ridiculing real Iranians who have a real connection with Iran.  To make matters worse, you need to distort US history to make false comparisons between US and the IRI.  How many people were killed by the government during the civil rights movement or vietnam protests?   Must be a kick in the face to the people who actually fought to defend freedom and democracy.  Lie about US schools, US domestic policy, etc etcto defend this regime while living here comfortably.  Did I also mention that you're a hypocrite?

Sargord Pirouz

Anon, can you re-state your

by Sargord Pirouz on

Anon, can you re-state your questions? I'm unclear to which exactly you are referring to.

TheX: Where is your list of lies and distortions?

Making reference to related polls in furthering a deductive argument is not a distortion. You come up with your list of lies and distortions, and then I'll provide a further clarification with related links. But first we'll settle the issue of "lies and distortion," iI've explained to you your citation of a distortion is inaccurate. Where is your list of lies? You've implied there are many. List them.


Already pointed out a few distortions and lies

by thexmaster on

but you call them disagreements which is actually a distortion.  Where is the palestinian poll that contradicts the polls I have provided?  Why do you keep distracting, decieving, distorting and lying?  Is this the WPO "poll" you're referring to?



Doesn't appear like a poll at all, but a meta-analysis of polls conducted with some of them coming from the very ones I posted.  Go to page 6

So where are the contradicting polls?


Anonymous Observer

And Sargord, we're still waiting for your answer to the

by Anonymous Observer on

two simple questions that I posed to you three weeks ago here:


But you cut and ran as soon as those questions were asked of you....just like all other IRI operatives: all talk and no courage! 

Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, TheX, I'm interested

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, TheX, I'm interested in what Fair has to say. 

As for you, I'm still waiting for that list of lies and distortions. Having trouble coming up with 'em? (of course you are) 


Welcome Dariush

by thexmaster on

Abbas was voted in with 62% in '05.  Abbas and Fateh are still the most popular among Palestinians, indicated by several recent polls which have been linked on this page.  But i'm still waiting for the distinguished professor to bring up the palestinian polls which contradict these polls.  He must be too exhausted to teach us about the current state of Palestinian affairs.


Ah...I see your questions turned completely rhetorical with BS answers.  You know, you could  have used this time to dance around the list of persian jew contributors you were seeking but simply unable to obtain. 

Dariush A

And just how Abbas became

by Dariush A on

And just how Abbas became president?  Fraud and dictatorship 

Who got the majority of the votes?   Ismail Haniyeh

Who gave Abbas the right to speak for the Palestinians?  Israel/US


Good job FAIR

by thexmaster on

but asking the traitor to respect real Iranians is simply asking too much.  I mean, he doesn't even respect the people in the US who fought for the freedom he enjoys yet always needs to bash.  All he can do is distort and exaggerate past actions of US for the sole purpose of justifying IRI's disgusting behavior. I mean, he compared the arrest of one photographer in the US to the mass arrests, threats, newspaper closings, media and internet blackouts that is routinely carried out by the IRI..this is not person with any sense of morality.  He will distract, distort and lie to get his agenda through.  Vale mootmahenam harche goftam khodet meedoonestee. 

Sargord Pirouz

Fair: - What branch of

by Sargord Pirouz on


- What branch of service were you in?

- Unit(s)?

- Any weapon(s) specialty?

- Were you conscripted or volunteer?

- Age and service dates?

- Campaigns fought in?

- Theater(s) posting (front)?

- Division or Brigade Commander name(s)

- Belong to any veterans organization? 


Bravo Fair!

by Agha_Irani on

I respect your forthright condemnation of the islamists shameful postings on this and other websites and exposing their shallow self contradictory arguments.

No Fear


by No Fear on

What diversion? What are you talking about?

You claimed i misrepresent the truth. Show me where?  My statement which you keep quoting is not against the truth unless your knowledge of English language is not sufficient enough.

Then you go on an emotional rant that Ahmadinejad has raped girls and executed thousands and etc etc etc and you call this the real deal?

Piss off, fair.



by Fair on

No Fear, your diversion won't work.  You cannot deny the very basic truths that I listed, can you.  So you laugh instead.  Then you use the word "reasonable"?

I think you should stop it right here. LOL

No, I will not stop.  YOU stop.  Whenever you stop misrepresenting, I will stop answering you.  Until then, expect to be challenged.



by Fair on

If updating your citizenship and not having ill feeling towards Iran are sufficient to make you not an exile, then the people you call exiles are also not exiles. Apologize to them and treat them with respect. They are Iranians, and your undermining their patriotism is a cheap shot.

Yes, I am very familiar with the term deserter.  In Iran, military service is compulsory for all young males, both before and after the revolution. If you are an Iranian citizen, and did not report for duty to the Iranian military and either serve or obtain an exemption,  you are a deserter.  Which is much worse than an exile. Which makes you utterly unqualified to call into question any Iranian's patriotism.

And yes, war is the worst.  I served my country and my people during the first Persian Gulf War, I saw many young people die and some very gruesome scenes, all because of an incompetent mullah who lied to all of them and their families, reassured them that they don't need better equipment and training, they have Allah and Imam Zaman will save them.  Well I didn't see Imam Zaman anywhere when the teenagers were coughing up blood years after they were crippled for life by chemical weapons.  Nor was he anywhere to be found when those teenager's legs were blown off when they were ordered to charge straight into a minefield.

We threw the Iraqis out of our country - it took a long time and we were severely outgunned- while you were playing with your motorcycles in the comfort  of the USA, and avoiding this war due to "age and location". Well I saw people fighting from age 13 to 70, I assume you fit in that range during this war.  If you are so "pro-meehan" and others are merely "exiles" living in humiliation and shame, then you honorable one should have dropped everything, and gone and fought there.  So next time you are about to say the word "meehan" to any Iranian and call them "exile", first look in the mirror and ask the extent of your  own "patriotism".  Many of us who fought for our country are part of the opposition today, many disabled veterans among us.  The people you shamelessly call "subsersives".

I can tell you mister, after all these years, I am VERY sick of the empty losers sitting in their heavily defended safe areas (whether it is Khomeini or Bush or any other such person), waving a flag or some stupid religious idea, saying how great it is for other people's kids to go and "sacrifice", and what "fine young patriots/believers" they are without considering what resources and support they will need.  Meanwhile they sit pretty and pay no price whatsoever.  Well, those "fine young patriots" end up losing their lives, limbs, heads, you name it, while that very same loser gets on with his life, only to go on later to continue saying what great "heroes" those who fought were, and how great "country" or "meehan" or "Islam" or whatever (by that time irrelevant) concept is. 

That is the ultimate hypocrisy.

I will ALWAYS stand with and for the people of Iran.  And you nor anybody else are NOBODY to take that away from me and others like me.