Mousavi: We Will Defend National Interests In Case Of Attack
Eurasia Review / GVF

Mousavi stressed that for an attack against Iran to materialise, the aggressors would need a strong public opinion behind their actions, but “unfortunately, statements [by Ahmadinejad] that suggest that the whole planet will be targeted [in case of war against Iran] provide the necessary excuse” for an attack against the country.
However, at the same time, Mousavi said that on its part, the Green Movement would “react to any threat from outsiders while preserving its boundaries and borders with the hardliners.”
“All of us will openly and explicitly defend our national interests. Out of care and sympathy, we suggest that before it is too late, the country’s reliable, wise and experienced assets be used so that a moderate [foreign] policy is pursued and the threats against the country are [drastically] reduced.”

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