Sixty Years of Failed North Korea Sanctions
01-Sep-2010 (one comment)

Contrary to U.S. assurances that the North Korean people will not suffer, U.S. and international sanctions have already taken a toll on the development of the country and the people. Sanctions have already impeded foreign investment into North Korea and adversely affected business and humanitarian aid efforts of those who venture there. Perhaps most alarming to U.S. policymakers is how sanctions have served to push North Korea further under China’s influence.


China has played a significant role in propping up Pyongyang’s economy. Interested in assuring North Korea’s stability as a buffer state, increasing leverage over the Korean peninsula, and expanding its influence in the region, China has a strategic interest preserving Northeast Asia’s status quo. While China voted for UN Security Council resolutions against North Korea (1718 and 1874), has complied with provisions that concern North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, and made clear that the "lips and teeth" alliance has since long passed,Beijing has refrained from imposing strict punitive measures against Pyongyang.



Replace North Korea with Iran


Doesnt this remind you of another country the US is trying to punish? And how Russia and China are using it as a proxy to advance their own interests in the middle-east?