CALL FOR DIALOGUE: Europe's Persian Students Gather in Berlin
Payvand News / Pejman

Europe-based Persian student activists are coming together for a conference in Germany in October of 2010.
The three-day "Call for Dialogue" will be held at Berlin Free University on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of October 2010.
The conference organizers have announced that "the current political situation of Iran causes its nationals who live both inside its geographical territories and across the globe to gasp for air under the shell of a seemingly endless night. The recent waves of protest in Iran, despite all the sacrifices, have not yet broken down the dam of repression, oppression, and crackdown. Bloods has been washed off the streets, but the struggle is by no means over."
The student activists believe that the Persian protest movement now requires careful reflection of the past and the creation of new perspectives to determine future actions and guide its existence. The experience of the movement clearly demonstrates that organizing from below is necessary to end cycles of domination.

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