Video: Iran Has a Dancing, Humanoid Robot
17-Aug-2010 (8 comments)

Iran has developed a humanoid robot -- and taught it to dance.

Robot researchers at Iran's Tehran University unveiled a life-size robot named Surena 2 during the country's celebration of "Industry
and Mine Day" in July. New details and videos released Monday of the robot reveal more details about its capabilities -- which appear to include dancing.

In one of the videos, released by IEEE Spectrum magazine, the researchers demonstrate Surena 2 on a TV show, where the robot walks, dances, and balances on one leg.

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by Cost-of-Progress on

No need to belittle the Japanese as this is a copy (or the robot itself with new fenders) of the Japanese robot called Asimo. I hear that the Islamic scientists are working on a version of the robot where it sports an unshaven face wnd an open collar......





Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

i think they are getting fed up of acting like 'enemy combatant clowns'!

one invention or technological advancement after another is bound to silence them some day :)


So surprised

by on

that the same usual traitors and cloaked Zionists have not shown up here and ridicule this technology as "tin can" , "garbage", "aftabeh", "pre-historic technology" and so forth!

Imagine if there was no brain drain and no war in Iran in the past 30 years! But no problem we will recover all the losses!

You think Iran has gone through a more sever brain drain than other similar countries that have been under no war and sanctions such as Korea, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Russia, Pakistan, India Turkey and so forth? You can even add some European counties to the list!

Iran was not in war nor under sanctions, why there was no technological advancements  then? The reason is simple, the US would not allow any significant advancements in Iran, as during the shah period, to a nation that has a brilliant ancient history as a superpower, rich in natural resources and an intelligent people.

The fact of a matter is that Iran started to stand on its own once she experienced she was really alone and had to survive in its war and sanctions that were designed to devastate Iran and Iranians for good!

It goes without saying that the history in the past thirty years in wars and sanctions was the only propellant for Iranian ingenuity and thus its dawn.

Iran will flourish under sanctions only when Iranians are united in majority. Iran enemies know this quite well, that is why they are hard at work create division, mistrust or any source of tension to dismantle Iran. They will then come in to use the very bright Iranians inside Iran with carrots of all colors to work for them in the land of the Free and lure them to expend their know how and energy and intelligence to make themselves richer and more powerful across the world. You will then never hear about Iran in Western press regardless of what may go wrong there!

In a way, as harsh as these new sanctions might be for Iranians, they could simply be another historic opportunity to break the chains.







by hazratee on

This is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!.

Immortal Guard

What's the dance music???

by Immortal Guard on

I liked the disco dance music to which the Robot dances!

What does it sing? "Come step on the beach"??? I looked for the complete song on YouTube and couldn't find it!

It is amazing to see that the robot can stand on one leg, the right leg!



by thexmaster on

When the robot starts dancing persian then i'll be impressed.

Immortal Guard

Beauty Eyes::::

by Immortal Guard on

That's great news! Particularly given the fact that its name is Surena! Imagine if there was no brain drain and no war in Iran in the past 30 years! But no problem we will recover all the losses!

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

here's a related link from the original story by 'IEEE', which claims to be the world's largest professional technology association:

Iran's Humanoid Robot Surena 2 Walks, Stands on One Leg (Video)