By analogy with Afghanistan, a US "liberation" of Iran could leave Iran to her worst religious elements
Nieman Watchdog / Ralph Lopez
14-Aug-2010 (2 comments)

But when they looked around at their new government [Karzai's], to see who
was now running the country, to their dismay they saw the same
conservative, mountain village warlords who had made life so hellish
they made the Taliban look good by comparison.

Ari Siletz

US-Afghanistan war: a lesson for Iran

by Ari Siletz on

The now famous Time Magazine picture of a woman with her nose cut off doesn't mention that in its efforts to stablilze Afghanistan the US cooperates with and promotes the very forces that commited the crime. By precedence, Iran's post US invasion puppet regime could leave the worst elements of the IRI back in charge.



Absolutely ture and the

by Bavafa on

Absolutely ture and the same phenomena/practice took place in Iraq during the surge.  The Sunnis who were committing some of the horrendous crimes became US partners.

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