Poland extradites Israeli 'agent' to Germany
12-Aug-2010 (5 comments)

Poland has extradited to Germany a suspected Israeli agent wanted in connection with the killing of a Hamas commander in Dubai, officials say.

Uri Brodsky, an Israeli citizen, faces charges relating to the forging of a passport allegedly used in January by the killers of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

The UAE believes Israel's intelligence agency, Mossad, was involved, though Israel insists there is no proof.

Mr Brodsky was arrested in Poland in June on a warrant issued by Germany.

The warrant accused him of espionage, though the court that granted the extradition said he could only be prosecuted for alleged forgery of a German passport believed to have been used by one of the assassins.

Dubai police have said they are 99% sure that members of Mossad were involved in the killing of Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas's military wing, who was found dead in a Dubai hotel on 20 January.

Forged passports from several Western countries were used by the 30 suspects identified, leading to a series of diplomatic rows with Israel.

The UK, Irish Republic and Australia have all expelled Israeli diplomats.

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Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

And Germany set him free.

Conclusion: Terrorism is ok if Israelis do it.


Obession with Israel

by thexmaster on

This news has to do with Iran....how?  This is why we keep seeing these ads which agent pirouz dedicated a blog.  These anti-iranians who have a near sexual obsession with Israel.


Aren't those usually called terrorist?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

No, not when they are promoting "democracy."

Then an occupying army is called IDF (DF for defence forces), an internal oppression apparatus is called Homeland Security, and bailing out big banks is called helping people, killing civilians is colateral damage, removal of legitimate elected governments an act one can appologize for some 50 years later without repercussions...

Should I go on?


Yes, Bavafa

by Q on

but only if they work against Israel.


Agent???? Aren't those usually called terrorist?

by Bavafa on