Pictures of Iranian expats conference participants
06-Aug-2010 (9 comments)

These people decided to participate in a conference in Tehran despite the fact that they were fully aware of conducts of Islamic Republic government during last year and the fact that they could receive the news without the Iranian government sponsored filtering of internet.

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The look and expression on their faces look pretty similar

by thexmaster on

to the people who were put on show trials.  Like they've rehearsed this and are just exhausted.  And I think agent pirouz has a different idea of "fine-looking" compared to the normal human being.  This picture in one of the albums pretty much sums up the rest of the pictures:




Sargord moftkhor would have loved it to be there

by پیام on

Feasting on blood of my compatriots. Shame on you fake Iranian ( I doubt that you are even Iranian).


Bandwidth Problem

by ghalam-doon on

There seems to be a bandwidth problem with this site.

You can see the pictures in the following site and... identify the person(s):


And here is a blog dedicated to identifying the participants:




The only good thing about this would have been

by Doctor X on

If there was the slightest hint that anyone or any group within this crowd would have shown an inclination to invest in iran's current economy  and would try to be a boost, a shot in the arm, for the private sector so that there at least would be some job- creation plans in iran. I am sure there are some super Khar pool/ entrepreneur among them.

Could that be the case even remotely?....

Nader Vanaki

ای رهبر آزاده، برای مفت خوری آماده ایم آماده

Nader Vanaki

بلیط مجانی برای 4 نفر عضو خانواده و اینهمه بخور بخور معلومه که همه مفت خورهای وطنی هجوم میارن.  یکیش هم سرگرد پیروز خودمون که دعوت نامه نصیبش نشد.  از اون ریش و پشمی ها دیگه نهراسید، مواظب دوتیغه ریش تراش ها و سرکار خانم ها با مانتوهای آنچنانی و روسری های کنار رفته باشین.


lending credit to a dictator

by Fair on

Is that why you would have liked to attend? To support military dictatorship?

This fascist has raped, murdered, imprisoned, and executed thousands of Iranian citizens who were innocent.  

A true anti Iran cheerleader.


SP: I might have agreed with you

by ghalam-doon on

Just might have agreed with you, if this "fine looking assemblage" had shown some backbone and wore a green wristband or something to show their solidarity with those who were killed, imprisoned or tortured during last year. 

For me this bunch is even worse than those basijis who were brainwashed to "think" there is something holy or sacred about this regime. This "fine looking assemblage" knew very well what's going on since they were getting the news unfiltered.

If I were you, I would think twice before accepting that invitaion next year...



by oktaby on

post ghalam-doon.

SP, haven't you noticed? Even this ass kissing bunch, as looney as they are, ignore you. Take a hint.


Sargord Pirouz

Fine looking assemblage.

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fine looking assemblage. Wish I could have participated.