One of Iranians participating in Iranian expats conference in Tehran was identified
05-Aug-2010 (3 comments)

His name is Abbas Dehkhoda. He is a faculty member at Department of Comp. Sci. at Santa Monica College:


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Shifteh Ansari

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There were two separate accounts of how many people they took to the conference, I read in one place that they took 1,500 people and in another it said they took 2,000 people.  Also, it appeared that the participants could show up with three other people, presumably their family members.

Whichever way I look at this, those guys couldn't have accepted this invitation on any academic or patriotic pretenses.  The motivation must have been material.  Otherwise, why would a self-respecting individual accept this sticky (stinky) invitation to go visit his or her homeland?  They could have gone on their own time with their own money and visited their homeland.  Why go on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei's invitation, exactly one year after Iran's bright and beautiful young people were murdered in broad day light AFTER their votes had been stolen?

Have these people not followed the news over the past year?  Do they not know that hundreds of university students have been imprisoned, tortured, and banned from their right to education as a result of chanting slogans on their university campuses?  What kind of "academics" are these morons?  Do they not know that Iranian university professors and lecturers have been systematically "taken out" by Mahmoud and his Minister of Higher Education through forced retirements, dismissals, and imprisonment?

I think the academic people who participated must be exposed on the campuses where they teach.  Let their students and colleagues see what they did.


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It appears the link has been removed from Flickr!

His name is  Abbas Dehkhoda. The link was a picture of him taken at the conference by Mehr news.

Here are some other people who attended this conference:


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1.  The link at the bottom doesn't work.

2.  The link in the middle of the excerpt takes us to two names.  Which one is the one who went to Iran?  Did they both go?  What is the source?