Russian company blocked from delivering 5 planes to Iran
Reuters / Gleb Stolyarov
04-Aug-2010 (4 comments)

MOSCOW, Aug 3 (Reuters) - U.S. sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme are preventing a state-connected Russian company from delivering five passenger jets to Iran under a 2007 contract, the head of the company said on Tuesday.

Delivery of the Tupolev Tu-204 planes would violate U.S. sanctions because the U.S. company Pratt & Whitney helped develop their engines, Alexander Rubtsov, the director of Ilyushin Finance which has the contract to deliver the planes, told Reuters.

"There is such a problem," Rubtsov said by telephone. "We will offer planes with different engines."

Russia has sharply criticised the United States for hitting Tehran with unilateral restrictions in addition to the sanctions adopted by the U.N. Security Council, saying nations seeking to ensure Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons must act as one.

Moscow is struggling to balance trade ties with Tehran and warmer relations with the United States, which is eager for Kremlin support to rein in nuclear activities it says it believes are aimed at weapons development.

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Nice touch Payam, very true.

by Bavafa on

But the overall headline is still correct as well, that is more Iranians will die as a result of sanction. Specially that the sanction is designed to lead to war and in such case, surely many Iranians will be murdered Mehrdad


I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site
except to warn other Iranians.


You probabely meant "less Iranians to die"

by پیام on

Have you ever looked at the track record of Russian built commercial jets? Their average age before crashing is 5 years. Iranians can better take the train, much safer than the TU-154's and all the other old planes that are operating in Iran. I do all the time when I am in Iran and serves me much better than the flying museum they call "Iran Air".

David ET


by David ET on

Iranians are dying everyday because of the internal and external actions and policies of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN which has lead the country and the nation to where it is now.

Iran's religious military dicatorhsip just as South Africa's apartheid regime must face an all out international sanction for its human rights and other international law violations.