Mass. to divest pension investments in Iran
04-Aug-2010 (3 comments)

Massachusetts will be required to divest public pension money from companies doing business with Iran under a bill Gov. Deval Patrick is set to sign.

The bill would require the state to divest its pensions from foreign oil and gas firms with active investments of more than $20 million in the country.

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And I suggest that

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you shut up and don't tell us what we need to do.


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I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which is offensive to
the vast majority of Iranians. Please do not engage with this site except to
warn other Iranians.