ADL Joins the Racists. Again.

Yes, there is a place for those who bring up the very worst of stereotypes about Jews, who Hagee firmly believes are going to rot in hell, because, after all, his views of Arabs is very useful. (Hagee believes that Palestinians should have little or no rights in "Greater Israel", including the West Bank). Who cares, the thinking goes, what he thinks his god is going to do with Jews in the next life, what's important is that he wants the US to be generous to Israel now and treat Arabs harshly in this life. (It's amazing, and quite a sad commentary on our society, that it's been only Hagee's contemptible statements about Jews that has made him so very controversial, and not his equally contemptible statements about the Arabs/Muslims of Middle East)

Hagee's outfit, the Christians United for Israel, has been made a permanent partner with aipac. Since Hagee's keynote address to aipac in 2007, aipac and CUFI has had speakers at each others annual conventions. It's people like Foxman who made this partnership possible. The Defamation League at work. Think about that the next time your congresscritter attends the next aipac event. Just why are they hooking up with racists?

Yet the story of ADL's decline goes back more than that. Back in the 1980's/early 90's the ADL was involved in a scandal relating to spying, using some illegal means, of activists involved in fighting apartheid in South Africa, and fighting against Israel's occupation of Palestinian land.

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