Iran signs gas MOU with Iraq
02-Aug-2010 (2 comments)

TEHRAN, Aug. 2 (UPI) -- A memorandum of understanding signed with Iraqi officials called for as much as 300 million cubic feet of gas per day from Iran, an Iranian director said.

Javad Oji, a managing director at the National Iranian Gas Co., said an Iranian delegation traveled to Iraq during the weekend to sign preliminary arrangements for Iranian natural gas exports through Iraq, the Iranian Oil Ministry's Petroenergy Information Network reports.

The director said the deal on the table includes the delivery of as much as 300 million cubic feet of gas per day for a 7-year period.

Both sides during the meeting in Iraq agreed to form bilateral working groups to hammer out the details of a final contract.

Delegates at the talks discussed the possibility of shipping Iranian gas to Europe through gas transit networks in Syria, he added.

Iran is pushing ahead with plans to build a natural gas pipeline to Pakistan. The country, which holds some of the largest natural gas deposits in the world, has also petitioned for a role in the Nabucco pipeline to Europe. Western supporters of the project ruled out that possibility, however.

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IMF, for the third time now,

by Rosie. on

would you mind answering my question as to whether you were alluding to me when in your post on another thread I was on, you mentioned Jews who were borni in New York but posted from Tel Aviv?



You & Europeans share vision in regard of Iran.

by پیام on

As a oil and gas cow ready to be milked. You should be ashamed of yourself. Oh wait, you are not a real Iranian. So nothing to be ashamed of. Just go to and post your "news there.