Iran sanctions cripple ageing military
BBC World service
02-Aug-2010 (10 comments)

Notionally, Iran has about the biggest armed forces in the Middle East, with more than half-a-million people in uniform, but decades of US-led arms embargoes have had a huge impact on the strength of its conventional armed forces.

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Agent Pirouz probably thought "nationally" was misspelled

by thexmaster on



Sargord: regarding any "misspelling and grammer.."

by fooladi on

This is an article from the BBC. I believe they know thing or two about the English language and it's Grammer and spelling!

But hey, send them the list of "spelling and grammer mistakes", I'm sure it'd raise quite a few chuckles at the Broadcasting house :)


well written article

by mahmoudg on

full of factuals.  what this proves is that the Islamic Rapist Republic has no force to withstand surgical attacks.  The US fleet in the gulf and the Israeli airforce can within days incapacicate these small and outdated forces.  the world has the approval of the majority of Iranians to use force to remove these rapists from power. 


Correction re: Iraq's population

by AMIR1973 on

Iraq's population is not quite one-third that of Iran's, but it is still well under one-half


Show some pity for Phony Sargord

by AMIR1973 on

He is an aficionado of the Rapist Regime's "military"--that would be the same "military" which fought to a stalemate after 8 years of war with Iraq, whose population is about one-third that of Iran's and who was led by Saddam, one of the most inept military "minds" in the world (look at what the U.S. did to the Iraqi military after 3 weeks in 1991 and 2003). Being an aficionado of the IRI's "military" is like being a music journalist and writing about third-rate wedding bands  :-)

Arab and Islamist "militaries" are useful only for killing and stealing from their own citizens.


Show your disapproval

by Cost-of-Progress on

Some people don't like it when their turbanned masters are criticized for incompetence and treachery.

If you support or dream of "unconventional" weapons for the Islamic Regime, then you are wishing prolonged misery for Iranian people who do not subscribe to the apocalyptic ideology that your divine "leadership" has in store for Iran. You are wishing more "harsh public policies" to unleash on the poor Iranians whose only crime is to be scared to confront the very basic doctrine of the religion of peace.






Sargord I know you prefer asinine to asymmetric!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Sargord Pirouz

Did you notice all the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Did you notice all the misspelling and grammar mistakes in this article? Poorly written and biased.


IRI's unconventional forces

by AMIR1973 on

IRI's unconventional forces specialize in blowing up embassies, hostage takings, kidnappings, assassinations of other Iranians, killing and torturing civilians, acting as economic mafias, and using 12 year-old boys as human minesweepers. Which is why West-residing Islamists like their "unconventional" abilities.


conventional armed forces

by Abarmard on

That is not news. The key word here is conventional.