Brazil's president offers asylum to imprisoned Iranian woman
31-Jul-2010 (10 comments)

(CNN) -- Brazil's president has offered asylum to an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning, state-run media reported Saturday.

President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva was quoted by Brazil's official state news agency EBC as saying "I want to make an appeal to my friend Ahmadinejad ... and to the government of Iran to allow Brazil to take in the woman."

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I remember back in Medieval Europe, the Christians

by thexmaster on

tortured, disemboweled and burned people alive.  just sayin'..



-sargord pirouz 


Letter from her lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei,

by Rosie. on

who was responsible for bringing the case to international attention, and is now in hiding following the detention of his wife and brother-in-law. on no grounds. 

Mostafaei is one of the leading human rights lawyers left practicing in Iran. His focus is on stoning and execution of minors.

The letter is addressed to Jafari Dolat Abadi, Chief Prosecuter of Tehran and has been disseminated widely throughout the world.



so much for international image

by Fair on

that some here have claimed Iran has.  This is a huge slap in the face of every stateless hezbollah terrorist and their fellow mercenaries- an ALLY of AN offering refuge to a poor woman sentenced to be stoned by barbarians.

I would be very thankful if anyone could list all prominent Islamic scholars and figures (especially those in Iran) who have condemned this sentence and this punishment.  And then based on the answer, I would like to ask, if today in year 2010, this is the conversation we are having in Iran, how is it possible to contemplate secular humanistic freedoms in our country.  We have been taken hostage by barbarians who have blocked our progress as a nation.

And some of those barbarians come here and glorify their bosses with no shame whatsoever, taking full advantage of the free speech that their bosses deny our people.

Hypocrites and criminals.

hamsade ghadimi

grin, ear to ear

by hamsade ghadimi on

برزیل به ایران یه گّل زد.


Let's ask Brazil if they have room for 70 million more!

by Khar on



I hope

by Majid on



I hope Mr.Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva could take Khamenei, A.N. and  their gang instead.


Khalifa khamenei thought by paying Brasil billions in bribe...

by fooladi on

He bought himself a partner in crime. He forgot that there is honour even amongst thieves!

I hope the woman, her family and most importantly her brave lawyer will receive assylum somewhere, anywhere, outside the hell hole of this islamist khalifat of Iran



by yolanda on

I am glad that this story is not going away.....IRI wants the world to forget about this lady, but the international community cherishes this lady's life....It is funny that Lula calls AN his friend and then turns around offering asylum to this lady.....I hope more people will get bailed out like this lady including Majid Tavakoli.

 I am waiting to see IRI's reaction to the offer!


Funny business of barbarism

by comrade on

I hope she will be good-hearted enough to pass this opportunity to her(now, hidden) lawyer, and his endangered family.



IRI didn't see that coming!

by benross on

IRI didn't see that coming!