Ahmadinejad Denies Aiding Taliban
CBS News / Richard Roth

 Pakistan isn't the only one of Afghanistan's neighbors mentioned in the leaked documents. Iran is also accused of helping the Afghan insurgents. But is it? CBS News correspondent Richard Roth put that question to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran today -- in an exclusive interview.

An aide sitting out of camera range gestured his irritation at our question about Afghanistan. Ahmadinejad just flatly rejected the explosive charges.

"You don't deny Mr. President that Iran supports the Taliban?" Roth asked?

"We do not support any group," President Ahmadinejad replied. "We just and only support the Afghan people. We support and we want to strengthen security in Afghanistan. And we think the Afghan people should run their own country. We think the root cause is related to the intervention of the United States and NATO. It's been for about 20 years that the Americans are interfering directly in Afghanistan."

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