Iran plans 11.5 bln euro bond sales by March 2011
Reuters / Ramin Mostafavi
23-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

Iran plans to issue bonds worth some 11.5 billion euros ($14.8 billion) by March 2011 to help finance development of its energy sector, the semi-official Mehr news agency quoted a senior official as saying on Friday.

Iran needs funds to expand and modernise its all-important energy sector, but many foreign companies increasingly reluctant to invest in the major oil producer due to a long-running standoff with the West over its nuclear work.

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again I go back to my previous sayings

by mahmoudg on

Too much reading from the Quran has made their brains go mush.  Or they figure they have nothing to loose by makingcomments like this.  First of, issuing a bond requires a solid rating.  Rating comes from the fact that the organization has a solid reputation and has been backed by years of performance in generating revenue and most importantly a freedom to operate.  These hazarat, must be dreaming to think that any one person or organization will buy Iranian government bonds, which at the moment under the guise of the Islamic Rapist Republic won't be worth wiping ones bottom with.  Well perhaps, they will be worth writing the hadith on....... 


Junk bond, for sure

by MM on

Just like the announcemnt that the communication sect was for sale and we saw it get sold to sepaah, these junk bonds will be paid by the government, bought by their own agents, and the money will end up confiscated in a truck in Turkey or deposited in personal accounts in Syrian/UAE/western banks. 

Another sham, for sure.


junk bond for sale.

by cyclicforward on

I can't get there fast engough to buy this prescious bond which will worthzilch in two months. Who do they think they are Dr. Mossadegh? The have no credibility anywhere and no one touch that junk bond.