Iranian nuclear scientist to be subject of movie
CNN / Reza Sayah
20-Jul-2010 (3 comments)

A government-linked film studio in Iran plans to make a movie about the Iranian nuclear scientist who Iranian officials say was kidnapped by U.S. agents, state media reported Tuesday.

According to Iran's semi-official Fars news agency, Sima Film production company has hired a group of film school graduates to write a script about Shahram Amiri. The head of the production company didn't say when the film would be ready.

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As masters of

by Cost-of-Progress on

lies, deception and utter nonsense, I am sure the film that is supported by the alliance of reesh-o pashm would be a hit. 

Yes, they will keep him alive as he provides the backdrop for a lot of material for the regime to use.

Whatever this guy's motive was for defecting in the first place, he must not be very bright as he did not consider his family and had to return in the end......Or, is there a whole new face to this that will not be known for as long as the mullahs rule.




Darius Kadivar

You mean a Remake of "A Beautiful Mind" retitled ... ;0)

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by yolanda on

If it is true that IRI will make a movie about Amiri, they will keep him alive for a while.