U.S. Says Scientist Aided C.I.A. While Still in Iran
16-Jul-2010 (6 comments)

The Iranian scientist who American officials say defected to the United States, only to return to Tehran on Thursday, had been an informant for the Central Intelligence Agency inside Iran for several years, providing information about the country’s nuclear program, according to United States officials.

The scientist, Shahram Amiri, described to American intelligence officers details of how a university in Tehran became the covert headquarters for the country’s nuclear efforts, the officials confirmed. While still in Iran, he was also one of the sources for a much-disputed National Intelligen... >>>

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best PR to get the war going

by verytass on

All the news about this guy will legitimize any true or fabricated intelligence Israel lobby will use to push for a war with Iran. 


This is nothing

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

but a damage control tactic by CIA. Fotrunately none of their stories make sense to the world public and obviously the more they try the worse it is getting to convince people!





by afshin on

Even more reason to believe that he played the US.  This guy was more than likely a counter intelligence agent.  Gave false information to the US, and in the course of the last year the Iranian Government got to know what the US knows and doesn't know.  Got to learn about the US government's sources and methods, and finally got the US to direct or rather misdirect resources to things of no consequence.  There is no way, if this guy was a true agent and had been giving valuable intelligence to the United States, they would have outed him like this.  

The flip side of it is, that maybe this guy is an intelligence agent of the IRGC, came to the US, and was flipped.  And in order to keep the illusion of him being disavowed they're publicly burning him, so he can continue working for the CIA.

Or maybe he's just a guy that tried to use his remote connection to Iran's nuclear program to gain favor and money for himself.  Once it was realized he was useless they just let him go.  Question is though, why did it take them an entire year to realize he was useless?

At this point it's really unclear who this guy is.  Perhaps we'll never know.  Maybe he'll eat a bottle of vajebi and off himself, or maybe he'll show up in Dubai with his whole family seeking asylum.  All i know anything can be expected from these akhunds.


I don't belive it! They are pissed that he left, or didn't get

by obama on

what they wanted. If he was really working with them, they wouldn't treat him like this! They must be mad at the guy, and they want IRI to kill him since they couldn't!

since when you belive what CIA says?


Double agent, not ex-agent

by John on

The guy is a rat, so the US feels that it has no need to protect him.  He'll soon be in Evin.


If true, is this how CIA plans on protecting their ex-agents?

by Bavafa on