U.S. finds Iran greatest danger to Iraq
San Francisco Examiner / Richard Shulman
15-Jul-2010 (2 comments)

Gen. Ray Odierno, commander of the shrinking U.S. expedition in Iraq, says that Iran-backed militias in Iran now pose a greater threat to the military and political security of Iraq than does al-Qaeda.

Iran subverts more at the political level than at the military.  At present, Iran is using its proxies to gain influence over Iraq.  Iraq is having difficulty fashioning a government from elected parliamentary delegates.  Some Iraqi leaders have “ties” to Iran.

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U.S. finds Iran greatest danger to Iraq

by IRI on

Says the occupiers

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U.S. finds Iran greatest danger to Iraq



Israel lobby in action for war with Iran

by verytass on

Looks like the well orchestrated action by Israel Lobby is in play to start a war with Iran. It's nothing unusual here, it's the same play book used to get us into the Iraq war.