“My husband is being deprived of his most basic rights”
International Campaing for Human Rights in Iran

Journalist Jila Baniyaghoub has received one of the most peculiar sentences of recent years, a 30-year ban on journalistic activity. In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, she described details of her case and a conversation she had about her sentence with the judge. She also described the conditions of her imprisoned husband, journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amooee. She says Amooee is deprived of “his most basic right” of visiting his wife in person. “I can only see him once a week for 20 minutes through a phone booth, behind a glass wall. According to the Prisons Organization’s Procedures, prisoners are entitled to one in-person visit every month. But in the past year that Bahman has been imprisoned, he has only been allowed in-person visits three times. I don’t understand why he has been deprived of seeing his family, and particularly his wife, in person.”

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