Iran nuclear defector: Three reasons he might have gone back
The Christian Science Monitor / Peter Grier
15-Jul-2010 (one comment)

The return of Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri to his homeland raises an obvious question: Why would a defector go back?

The case of Vitaly Yurchenko, a Soviet cold-war-era defector, may offer some clues as to Amiri's reasons.

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A dream come true for the War Lobby

by verytass on

The war lobby (aka Israel lobby) could not be happier than all the news and publicity this story is getting. Majority of people by now know about something about some Iranian nuclear defector. Which makes any intelligence, fabricated or not, will sound valid now. 


The war lobby is going to scramble quick now to get an attack going while the story is still fresh in population psyche. However the attack will not be surgical. The Israel Lobby will work in background and use their control of washington to push for a broader attack on many industrial installations ensuring decades for setback for Iranian people. 


But I guess it's all justified, after all it was written in the bible.