Castro Returns to Cuban TV Four Years After Surgery
Business Week

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro warned of worsening ties between the U.S. and Iran in his first television interview in at least three years, after overseeing a transfer of power to his brother Raul following surgery in 2006.

Castro has recently warned in his newspaper columns of plans by the U.S. and Israel to lead an attack on Iran over its nuclear energy program that could spill into a world war. He also said the U.S. increased its pressure on Iran while much of the world focused on soccer’s World Cup tournament in South Africa, which ended July 11.

“If there’s an attack on Iran by Israel and the U.S., there’s no way to prevent it from becoming a nuclear war,” Castro, wearing a plaid shirt and grey jacket, said yesterday during the interview on the “Mesa Redonda” news program. “Iran isn’t a divided country and the U.S. would meet a lot of resistance in an attack.”

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