Iran girls' soccer team may miss Singapore event
08-Jul-2010 (one comment)

Iran might not send its girls' soccer team to the Youth Olympics in Singapore next month because of a dispute over the players' Islamic attire, Iranian media reported Thursday.

The deputy head of Iran's physical education department, Marzieh Akbarabadi, was quoted by newspapers, including Khabar Varzeshi, or Sport News, as saying the newly designed dress was "inappropriate."

She said the outfit isn't what was agreed on and Iran doesn't "need to send its team to Singapore at any cost."

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The stupid concerns of Islamic Republic for personal taste

by Abarmard on

is unreasonable, unbalanced. and backward to say the least. To IR; Let it go, free yourselves and society from rules and regulations based on dark-ages. Join Iranians to move the country forward. Keep religion and personal preferences at home. Enough.