Iran Arms Syria With Radar
Wall Street Journal / CHARLES LEVINSON
30-Jun-2010 (16 comments)

JERUSALEM—Iran has sent Syria a sophisticated radar system that could threaten Israel's ability to launch a surprise attack against Iran's nuclear facilities, say Israeli and U.S. officials, extending an alliance aimed at undermining Israel's military dominance in the region.

The radar could bolster Syria's defenses by providing early warning of Israeli air-force sorties. It could also benefit Hezbollah, the Iran-backed militant group based in Lebanon and widely believed to receive arms from Syria.

Any sharing of radar information by Syria could increase the accuracy of Hezbollah's own missiles and bolster its air defenses. That would boost Hezbollah defenses, which U.S. and Israeli officials say have been substantially upgraded since 2006, the last time Israel fought the southern Lebanon-based group.

The mid-2009 transfer was described in recent months by two Israeli officials, two U.S. officials and a Western intelligence source, and confirmed Wednesday by the Israeli military. Though they didn't name the system's final recipient in Syria, these and other officials described it as part as a dramatic increase in weapons transfers and military coordination among Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

Iran and Syria both denied that a radar transfer took place.

The increased sophistication of the weapons transfers and military cooperation among the three signal an increased risk of conflict on Israeli's northern border. U.S. officials worry any ne... >>>

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Nasrallah Military Forum

by AMIR1973 on

you're just stealing my material. which means that, in addition to being illiterate, you also have no sense of humor. that's not too surprising. good luck with your holy jihad against the jews. i hope iri's advanced radar system helps as much with your jihad as its saeqeh advanced fighter plane  :-)


What's the name for the Qazvini section of South Lebanon?

by on

Iast I checked, it was called "Amir1973 corner". And you know as a lebanese i know what I am talking about!



Levinson is another zio-nist! What is his intention and why?

by obama on

Keep focusing on Iran, while Israel got the best weapons! WSJ is owned by rober murdock, another zionist. Do you expect anything else? That's why they control the media!

No Fear

On a second note

by No Fear on

it does make sense for Syria to upgrade its radar system since the israeli airforce bombed their nuclear research facility virtually undetected when it flew under their radar.

Whether the Syrian radar system is of Iranian origin or not, I bet Iran will receive data from its regional allies.


No Fear

Excellent move if true.

by No Fear on

Long range radars will provide Iran with early warning signs if israel's airforce is on its way to our nuclear facilities. Also they can assist Hezbollah with the accuracy of their missiles.

I hope this is true. But both Iran and syria have denied this.


"Qazvini section of South Lebanon" :)

by fooladi on

 Now this is funny, I must say amir :)


It's tough to be fair, sometimes

by comrade on

How do you arm with a defensive system?

Never late to learn....//


Nasrallah Military Forum

by AMIR1973 on

forming a complete bendover nation


You must have a serious case of "Bendover on the Brain". You're always talking about bendover this and bendover that. What's the name for the Qazvini section of South Lebanon? 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

WSJ does fabricate a lot of story But not to make a case to attack their whole mission is focused on the stock market ,After 9/11 the big survelliance,defence and some other related Industries became a big winners ever since so another Iranian B S radar story has the anti radar to attack or sell more stocks for and thats how they attack; laughing all the way to the bank.          Maziar


Hezbollah chicken little should club yourself first

by Fair on

Iran CLAIMS to produce its own radars, just like it CLAIMS to build its own fighter jets which is complete baloney.  If Iran did "produce" its own radars, they are copies of Chinese and Russian inferior systems and are merely target practice for any decently equipped air force in the year 2010.


Furthermore you display your arrogance and ignorance by claiming "passive radar" with electro optic technology.   Radars are active by definition and use radio waves- passive radars just use third party radio wave transmitters.  In the meantime, electro optic passive detectors are not radars, they are just passive sensors with very limited range and senistivity, and the electro optic technology Iran claims to use is merely a copy of the 70's era technology it received from the US (along with its assembly line in Shiraz), only now 35 years later they boast they have "accomplished" something with this technology.

So much for your "facts".  The only "fact" you have given us is that you need to get your head examined.  What a load of horse sh*t hezbollah empty propaganda, go club yourself first. The real traitor here is you,who any day of the year will be loyal to Hezbollah before Iran you south lebanese kiss up.




War Drums and propaganda

by fooladi on

This is a fairly typical of propaganda war. Islamic regime is incapable of producing a aftabeh let alone Anti Aircroft sytem radars.

So go back to sleep IRI croonis, you'll get paid for a few more months, but start looking for a new job :)


Time to club you armchair generals, again!!!

by on


For your information, the following are facts:

1- Iran does produce radars and it is not at all a secret. Iran's well known AD systems are are of long range similar to Chinese and Russian ones. These not only have been reported numerous times bt also paraded through special occasions several times already.

Iran also produces passive radars with Electro-Optic  technology built by Sa-Iran. These radars do not emit any radiation for any hostile aircraft to detect and destroy. The anti Iran traitors here will anything to show how their "beloved" country is backward! But all they wish, is an Iran full of individuals with names starting with Iran forming a complete bendover nation.

The latest Iranian radar technology has been shown to public just recently. These are Phased Aarrayradar types. The Iranian version has been proven to be a home made product in military circles.

2- To some who see this news as a built up for upcoming attack, this one is really entertaining. So far we were told that the Zionist regime wants to attack Iran for its nuclear technology. To think that Iranian radars are the reason for a massive attack is simply "Bull" that must only taste good to our resident armchair generals wearing traitors uniforms.




IMF, a/k/a Shah Gholam, you're such a clown

by Onlyiran on

you constantly complain about "Zionist" propaganda, but then you're the first person to regurgitate the propaganda when it satisfies your delusions about IRI's "technological advances".  

what a clown!!!!! 


CIA sources have confirmed and accredited proof footage

by Marjaneh on

of Iran's intention to pelter Israel with its new biogenetic pistachio technology.

Iran will not confirm, indeed flatly denies,   it has  produced pistachio/aspidistra hybrid crops with extra-terrestrial powers, but CIA sources (investigating under "Operation War of The Peltering Pistachios") have confirmed that a video leakage of Iranian farmers enrichment of  exclusive manure via Brazil's methane gas producing population in the former rain forests, previously tested in Syria and about to be auctioned off to North Korea for a new mushroom hybrid, is proof of the threat of this advanced technology.

The rest, I cannot divulge!


Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


The same thing was done to Iraq in 1990 before Gulf War I

by AMIR1973 on

The US media was full of reports in 1990 indicating that Saddam had the 4th most advanced military in the world, etc. We saw what happened to that military. 


BTW, why does Nasrallah Military Forum suddenly believe a report by a Jew named Charles Levinson from the "neocon" paper the WSJ? 


Wall street journal fabricating news for making a case to attack

by پیام on

Iran sooner than later and you Shah Gholam help them by posting these nonsese here. How dumb can one person be to belive than i.r. who gets his own radar technology in black market abroad, supplies Syria with radar? Only numb nuts like IMF aka Shah Gholam would be so naive to belive these kind of "news" to go tell the world proudly how advanced militarily i.r. is.