In Islamic Iran prayer sellers' trade is booming
28-Jun-2010 (one comment)

In Islamic Iran where clerics rule, unofficial "prayer sellers," who promise to intercede with the divine to solve all manner of life's problems, are seeing their business boom.

Backstreet spiritual guides like YaAli are tolerated by the authorities and increasingly sought after by Iranians seeking help from on high.

"People from all walks of life -- mostly young women -- come here asking for prayers that can solve their problems," says YaAli sitting on a chair in a crumbly old alley in Tehran.

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predominantly superstitious population as a result of poverty

by Marjaneh on

and when times are hard and insecure, most of the world's population turns to placebo ("power of suggestion"...) hocus pocus mumbo jumbo.

I bet "fortune-tellers" (why don't they tell misfortune?), a$$$trologers, TV Evangelists and other esoter-rorists are doing quite nicely too....


Thanks for this article.

I'm off to make some dosh as Mystic Madame Marj

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