Iran vs. Rupert Murdoch
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25-Jun-2010 (5 comments)

News Corp’s Persian-language television network is running into trouble in Iran and Afghanistan.

The media conglomorate’s Farsi1 channel, launched in 2010 and based in Dubai, broadcasts Western programs dubbed into Persian via satellite. Farsi1’s fare mainly includes US comedies and action shows, along with a heavy substrata of Latin America telenovelas. The station’s biggest hit? A version of 24 dubbed entirely into Persian.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Iranian and Afghani politicians and influencers are attacking the network for corrupting their youth.

According to the head of Iranian state-run television, Ezatollah Zarghami (who, of course, has a personal stake in this argument), “opinion polls show many viewers of Farsi1 admit that its programmes are corrupting [...] why people watch this channel is another question.”

Meanwhile, Abdol Samad of pro-government Afghan daily Weesa claims that Farsi1 is part of a tool to undermine Afghanistan’s sovereignty through local subsidiary Tolo TV.:

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IRI is Number One in imprisoning journalists

by AMIR1973 on

IRI has imprisoned more journalists than other any country in the world, even China (dozens of Iranians reporters are in jail)! And yet, its official mouthpiece Press TV is allowed to continue propagandizing on behalf of murderers, rapists, and thieves. Why don't the Western countries close Press TV's office in London and D.C. and kick these Islamists out?


Press TV preaches hate and airs mis-information.

by on

I am totally overwhelmed by the love, peace and patriotism that you and your ilks spread in this small community at IC.

I suggest you start cleaning your behind before nailing PressTV!



Press TV preaches hate and airs mis-information.

by پیام on

Not comparable to a channel that also airs hot air, but of another level.


Press TV

by EvaGorman on

Amir, since you asked, activists have been trying for years to close down Press TV in London. So far, no luck.


Worried about a TV channel :-)

by AMIR1973 on


IRI has the highest rates of opiate addiction in the world that is "corrupting the youth", and they're worried about a TV channel? And if we're gonna talk about TV channels, what should the West do about the IRI's Press TV, which has bureaus in London and Washington D.C. and is literally the official mouthpiece of the IRI? Maybe, Press TV should be thrown out of the West?