Iran to Inspect Gulf Ships If Sanctions Used on Cargo
Business Week
13-Jun-2010 (10 comments)

June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Iran will inspect ships in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for any action against its own shipping stemming from the latest United Nations nuclear sanctions.

“If only one Iranian ship gets inspected, we will take the necessary measures,” Hossein Ebrahimi, a member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, was cited as saying today by the state-run Mehr news agency. “We will inspect several of their ships in return for one ship they would inspect.”

The UN Security Council on June 9 approved a fourth round of sanctions against Iran in an effort to curb its nuclear development. The measures include the authority to seize cargo suspected of being used for Iranian nuclear or missile programs, restrictions on financial transactions and a tighter arms embargo. Iran said yesterday that it will consider downgrading ties with the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency.

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by Fair on

You have been watching these things on "intel sites" (like strategy page? LOL)  Here is what strategy page (the good intel site according to you) has to say about Jamaran and Iranian military claims:



"Apparently this is the "destroyer" that Iran
announced it was building three years ago. No further details were given
at the time, or since. It was known that Iran had launched a clone of
their British made Vosper Mk 5 frigates in 2002. That 1,500 ton ship has
been fitting out ever since. Four Vosper frigates were delivered in the
early 1970s, and at least three are still in service. Actually, these
are considered "corvette" type ships, as destroyers tend to displace
over 7,000 tons. The Iranians have a tendency to exaggerate. A lot....

All that's been heard of from Iran's naval
shipbuilding facility at the Bushehr shipyard, are labor problems. There
have been strikes and lockouts, and complaints of poor designs and
sloppy management. Iran has, for the last two decades, announced many
new, locally made, weapons, that turned out to be more spin than
substance. Iran does have commercial shipbuilding firms, that produce
merchant ships that are larger than destroyers. 


At the moment, the Jarmaran seems to be filled
mostly with hope and press releases."

Read and laugh.  You don't need to go on intel sites to see what an exaggeration and sham the Jamaran claim is.  Just look at this video like AO says, and you will see that this is just a rebuilt 40 year old ship (that took 20 years to rebuild).  Mass production, what a joke.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

To the Islamist any one who disagrees is a bigot. Well no wonder everyone hates them. Yes the world is full of bigots hating the poor misunderstood Islamitst. Tell that to the next innocent you stone.


"Your Bunch"?? Whatchu Talkin About Willis?

by Javan on

You sound like a offense, but "your bunch"?  Who?I have been watching Iranian Military production on American News and intel sites.  There are tons of American websites that feature all the weaponry Iran has (information gathered by CIA).  As much as you would like it to be a fantasy, I keep running into more and more reports of new production of tanks, planes, drones, ships, submarines, rockets, etc.  If you talk to any US Army personnel that are MI / CID then you would know that it is not smoke and mirrors.  That is why the US has already worked on counter measures and from what I understand so has Israel. They are ready for anything "coming in hot" from Iran.  Dang, I can't believe that how pir-patal the Iranians on have gotten that they don't know what the hell is going on! LOL     This is a good website made by an ex-US Army guy that still works with the government:

Anonymous Observer

Yes Javan, It is "sic", actually, it's more than "sic", it's a

by Anonymous Observer on

big LIE, just like everything else with the IRI, all smoke and mirrors.  Here, read and watch:


It's one of the destroyers that was heavily damaged the last time the IRI felt like it should takee on the u.S. Navy, during operation praying mantis, which Irani Irani has linked below.  It took the IRi more than twenty years to repair it....poorly since some of the damage is still there....

Mass production, LOL.    

You know, your bunch's capacity to fool yourselves and live in fantasy land never ceases to amaze me....



Iran's "Jamaran Destroyer"

by Javan on

Wow! Just ran across this on youtube...I knew they had Submarines, but this Destroyer that is being mass produced is sic!! =) 


Just wanted to welcome

by on

you traitor bunch as self proclimed Iranians. You all complement each other very well! Congradulations!!! However, in making sense, you come far short individually and even worse as a bendover bunch!

Tel Aviv never gives up team work especially on IC!




by پیام on

Their flotilla of illusions will be evaporated in first wave of their attacks.

Irani Irani

Payam jaan

by Irani Irani on

IRI has an advanced flotilla of rubber duckies that will defeat the US Navy.



by پیام on

With what navy are they going to do that?

Irani Irani

I hope IRI is not bluffing

by Irani Irani on

I hope the IRI starts to harass international shipping through the Persian Gulf. Dear IranianMilitaryForum, if you have direct communications with the IRGC, please tell them to start messing with shipping through the Gulf. I am interested to see what a naval confrontation between the IRGC and the U.S. Navy would look like (do you remember what happened when the IRI "navy" tried challenging the U.S. Navy in 1988? // In fact, I think an aerial battle between the U.S. Airforce and IRI's Airforce would also be quite interesting. Do you agree?