Gates: Iran 1-3 Years From Nuclear Weapon
VOA News
11-Jun-2010 (2 comments)

.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Iran could have the material to develop a nuclear weapon in one to three years.

Gates says the forecast is based on intelligence estimates, and he emphasized it does not include the time it would take Iran to develop an actual weapon and a way to fire it.

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That's What They Said 1-3 Years Ago

by HHH on

As if Iran would use nukes even if they have one.

It's all a show for the people. They just act dumb, but they know the truth. They want to be the only possessor of nuclear weapons so they can bully the world, and when time comes, take over the oil-reserves.


then lets go in and clean it up

by mahmoudg on

Mr. Gate, before it is too late lets give Islrael the green light to destroy these sites and our military to follow them in and cleanse the regime's leadership assets, military and naval bases and the remaning 200K loyals of the regime.  only then can the formula of democracy in the  middle succeed.