Immigrant Convicted of Violating Iran Embargo
The New York Times / BENJAMIN WEISER
05-Jun-2010 (one comment)
An Iranian immigrant who said he came to the United States “to live the American dream” was convicted on Friday of violating the Iran trade embargo by using an informal money-transfer system known as hawala to move millions of dollars between the United States and Iran. >>>
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There are quite a number of Iranians like that amongst us

by mahmoudg on

Any Iranian who has a business dealing with Iran be it, shipping goods, import/export of goods such as phermeceuticals, construction, etc is a suspect.  I have for some time tried to get the authorities to look at Iranisn who have business dealings with Iran, but unfortunatley unless they get caught red handed like this idiot Banki, there is little that can be done.  We just have to watch them like hawks and catch them in the act.